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Re: [Statue] Arkham City Harley Quinn

PostPosted: Aug 20th, 2013, 3:35 pm
by TFDutchman
The Scarred Side wrote:
TFDutchman wrote:You know it's taken me this long to notice something about this statue? Harley's tattoos are not painted. I was dusting my statue lightly, holding it under a light, when I noticed a shine to her tattoo. It is in actual fact a film applied to the statue and not actually painted on. Not immediately noticeable though unless you're looking for it.

I should be getting Joker soon so expect a review for him soon.

I honestly expected the Tattoos to not be hand Painted at all it just seems like too much work and not worth it to screw it up. Are they Like Decals?

Pretty much.