Arkhamverse Tech & Vehicles #4: Glider Assembly

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Arkhamverse Tech & Vehicles #4: Glider Assembly

Postby Red_Robin » Apr 27th, 2013, 12:29 pm


Name - Glider Assembly
Use - Traversal
Owned by - Batman, Robin (variation)
Effective Range - Glides can extend over 100m. Utilising the dive-bomb technique and the grapple boost, Batman can traverse the entire city without touching down.
Wingspan - 11 ft 4 in
Height - 5 ft 6 in
Weight - 2lbs
- upgraded from a simple cape, the glider assembly allows Batman to use his cape to glide on the air by sending an electric current through the cape's fabric lining
- lightweight fabric stiffens to form rigid wing 'skeleton' around which the cape is still flexible
- weighted tips in the scalloped ends allow the cape to be used as an offensive weapon

Additional Information.
You decide!

Possible restrictions in Arkham Origins
You decide!

Possible improvements in Arkham 3
You decide!

Notable Appearances
Batman Returns, the Nolan Trilogy

How would you like to see it restricted in Arkham origins or improved in Arkham 3?
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