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Akham Art Jam

Postby psychoslaughterman » Mar 15th, 2015, 6:19 am

Hello Arkhamites.

I'm here to try and organize an Arkham fan event in celebration of Batman: Arkham Knight. You know how at the end of School you get all your Friends to Sign your Year book or in some places your T-shirt? It's a way of celebrating the end of an era and I'd love to do the same for Rocksteady and the Arkham games.

Well I Love Art, It's My Job/ Hobby/Life, So what I propose is an Art Jam where everyone interested Draws or Paints one Character from the Arkham games, I then take all the drawings/paintings and Photoshop them together to make a Arkham Community Fan Poster Collage to show our Love and Appreciation to Rocksteady for all their hard work. I've posted in the Official Arkham Knight Forums also and have quite a bit of Interest there and hoping to round up a few more contributors here too.

Any and all Styles and Skill Levels are welcomed!!!

1.The Character you draw MUST be in their Costume from one of the Arkham Games.

2.Please Draw the Character and the Character alone with No Background (This is mainly to help the Collage Editing Process to go easier and faster for me)

3.Once your Art is Complete Upload it to an Image Hosting Website. deviantART, Tumblr and Facebook are all Acceptable (With Facebook Remember to make the Picture Public so I can see it)

4.Once you art is Uploaded PM me with the Title "Art Jam Entry" with a Direct Link to your image, Posting it in this Thread doesn't mean I'll see it and may be Missed but you can do both if you prefer.

My Schedule is always in a Constant state of Flux depending on Commissions I get in that I can't always Predict but lets say the Deadline is May 25th. If you can get your Entry in earlier though that would be a big help though as it will mean I wont have all the images piled up on me right at the last minute. I'll aim to have the Finished Collage Uploaded here on June 1st (Schedule Permitting).

I hope I see lots of Art coming my way and you can be Sure that I will also be drawing something for it myself. Happy Creating.

Thanks for your time.
~Psycho :joker:
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Re: Akham Art Jam

Postby KrakenAttack » Mar 29th, 2015, 4:58 am

What characters have been taken?
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