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Postby VoodooMu » Mar 30th, 2013, 6:07 am

I'm just writing this off the top of my head as I go along so it's probably going to turn out terrible.

4:20AM. Metropolis.

SLAM! A loud painful strike echoes through the streets of Metropolis. Suddenly a whirring, buzzing noise parades through the air. Large carriers gracefully float through the air as they fly past and blow a large breeze by.

'Damn' thinks Superman

He bends down and puts his hand on the ground. Superman take a deep breathe in and pushes off the ground. He gloats up high into the sky and tilts his head upwards, gleaming over at the carriers.

'Too many' Superman says to himself

Superman continues flying towards the carriers, flying carefully making sure he remains out of sight. Superman approaches nearer. He moves his head right and stares over. He sees a strange silhouette moving across the sky.

'Probably a bird' Superman says to himself

Superman finds a shaft in the bottom of the carrier and clenches his fist getting a firm, tight grasp. He looks over to another carrier and aims himself. Superman swings his arm around which causes the carrier to follow the movements of his arms. He releases his fist and the carrier floats through the air out of control. It flies through the air until it crashes into another carrier.

'Perfect' Superman says

The collision creates a explosion between the two carriers. Flames roar high above Metropolis and the smoke covers the two carriers. They plunge from the sky. The force from Superman's throw drives the two carriers away from Metropolis. More carriers still fly through the air. Superman prepares to make his way across to the other carriers until he feels something knocking on his shoulder.

Superman turns around to be met with a daring fist in the face. Superman opens his eyes to see a flying woman in-front of him. Wonder Woman. Superman prepares a punch back but Wonder Woman moves out of the way in the last second.

Superman returns to making his way towards the carriers and Wonder Woman follows behind him. Superman prepares to throw another carrier until the carrier begins plunging down from the sky. Superman looks infront of him and sees Wonder Woman holding cables from the carrier. She flys down and throws the carrier away from Metropolis.

'One man can't do this by himself' yells Wonder Woman over the noise of the remaining carriers

Superman doesn't reply but looks down on the ground of Metropolis. He sees a red blur dashing across Metropolis. This alarms him greatly and flys down to check the commotion.

'Take down the carriers' Superman exclaims as he makes his way to the ground were the blur is.

Superman touches the ground where the blur is whizzing around. Superman notices creatures laying on the ground with a timer of 7 seconds left.

'Bombs?' Superman questions

'Your lucky I got here'.

The blur stops moving and reveals The Flash. Superman asks why The Flash is in Metropolis.

'These creatures showed up in Central City. With a little help I discovered a microchip inside them that was distributed from Metropolis. So naturally I came here' The Flash explains

Theirs a moment of silence as Superman questions The Flash's motives until The Flash interrupts him

Flash: 'Did you hear that?'
Superman: 'Yes. We're not alone'
Flash: 'Shhhh'

The two stand their in silence until The Flash gets slammed to the ground out of thin air. Superman looks around and jumps into a suspicious blur he sees moving through the sky. A man reveals himself. Martian Manhunter.

The Flash: 'Why are you here'
Martian Manhunter: 'I'm Martian Manhunter. Lex Luthor entered my planet. I instantly thought of Metropolis and saw you suspicious beings and investigated'

A loud explosion echoes through Metropolis. Smoke emerges into the sky. Superman looks into the sky and sees a carrier shooting bullets.

Superman: 'Wonder Woman'

Superman jumps into the sky again and helps Wonder Woman with the few remaining carriers. Martian Manhunter prepares to follow Superman but instantaneously decides to help The Flash get the creatures out of Metropolis before their timers continue. Martian Manhunter picks up a dozen of the guards and escorts them outside of Metropolis Martian Manhunter makes it out of Metropolis to discover The Flash already finishing with the other creatures.

Martian Manhunter and The Flash look over into Metropolis and see a explosion of green light over Metropolis. They rush towards the light and see a man in green fighting a man in black.

'Stop!' Yells Martian Manhunter

The two men stop fighting.

'But he ruined my mission!' Shouted Green Lantern

'You were failing, you needed help' replies Batman

'Well you didn't need to interfere and almost explode the Station' argues Green Lantern

Martian Manhunter talks to Green Lantern and Batman in their minds until he resolves the issue.

'Now is not that time for fighting. Their's a threat approaching and they wanted us all here at once. But that doesn't mean we can't counter-attack them and work together' says Martian Manhunter

'Wise' replies Batman 'and who else is here?'

'Superman and I believe Wonder Woman' The Flash answers

'Very well, we must gather and fight off the threat' Batman says
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Re: Justice

Postby Dr. Arrow » May 11th, 2013, 8:44 pm

Pretty good for being just "off the top of your head". It was a good read.
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