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Batman Verses. The Mad Hatter

Postby gary2692 » Aug 31st, 2013, 7:12 pm

"Hello, my love! Wakey, wakey. Wake up!" the Mad Hatter whispered excitedly.
Vicki Vale, wearing a cheap, blue dress, was strapped to an antique chair in a room filled with different antique clocks ticking repeatedly. The Mad Hatter, dressed in his small high heels, (to make him seem taller), his green, checkered pants, elongated formal, green cloak, red bow tie, high collared shirt and his usual green oversized hat, crouched in front of the sleeping Vicki Vale, brandishing a sweet, red rose.
"Come on, my sweet! Wake up or there won't be any tea left for you. Oh, wake up Alice!" Mad Hatter patted Vale on the head, and gently smacked her cheeks.
Eventually,Vicki Vale woke up, dazzled and confused.
"Finally! Now, Dum, Dee, fetch me some tea! Don't worry Alice, you'll come round, as soon as we get you some tea! Mad Hatter assured her.
Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum returned, Dee holding a cup of hot tea. A Batarang appears and smashes the tea cup.
"Eh?" Mad Hatter looked up to find the Batman swooping down and kicking Tweedle Dee off his feet.
"Batman!? Get him you fools!" Mad Hatter shrieked.
Tweedle Dum grasped Batman, and squeezed him against his chest. Batman gasped for air, while struggling to get free. Tweedle Dee got up.
"Have fun Dum Dum's!" the Mad Hatter shouted as he escaped with Vicki Vale.
Batman, still pressed against Tweedle Dum's chest, managed to say the word,
A bright light projected from his belt and shined into Dum's eyes.
"AAAGH!" he screamed.
Batman broke free and landed atop Tweedle Dee, gasping. When he regained his strength and breath, Batman began punching Dee in the head. He retreated when Dum striked at him. Fortunately, the punch instead knocked Tweedle Dee unconscious. Batman finished Tweedle Dum with a strong blow to the face. A loud scream followed.
Batman followed the source of the scream and found Vicki Vale at the head of a long, wooden picnic table, goons wearing Rabbit masks sipping tea around it. The Mad Hatter forced Vale to drink drugged tea. He stopped when he realised Batman was watching him.
"It's over, Hatter! Let the reporter go!" Batman instructed, tiredly.
"But the tea will be wasted..." Mad Hatter moaned.
"...the other guests might miss her..."
" many disappointed faces..."
"...go! Now!"
"...of course!"
The goons at the table stood up from their chairs.
"But first, a small farewell. Kill him!" the Mad Hatter grinned.
The goons ran at Batman. They each threw their fists at him. Each one was deflected.
"My turn!" Batman announced.
Using free flow combat, Batman took out all eight goons, without breaking a sweat. He spotted the Mad Hatter and Vicki Vale escaping through the door leading to the roof. He followed.
Rain fell from the dark sky, leaving puddles of water everywhere. Thunder and lightening surrounded Batman. He searched for the Mad Hatter and Vicki Vale.
"Hatter, I don't want to fight you! Release Vicki Vale and all of this will be over!" Batman proclaimed.
"Her name is Alice!" the Mad Hatter screamed.
He jumped down from the smaller roof and stuck a butter knife in Batman's shoulder. Batman yelped.
"Why does nobody understand. This girl is my Alice! Alice! Alice! Alice!" the Mad Hatter yelled.
Batman took the bloody knife out of his shoulder. The Mad Hatter punched Batman in the face, knocking him down. The Hatter then began stamping on Batman's chest.
"Alice! Alice! Alice! Alice! Al..." the Mad Hatter was interrupted by the sound of Police sirens.
" called the Police?"
"They only know that there's a hostage involved. They won't attack unless..." Batman paused.
"Unless?.." the Mad Hatter began to cry.
"Enough! That is enough!"
The Mad Hatter ran to Vicki Vale, held her by the hair and stood at the edge of the roof.
"I...I'll drop her!" Mad Hatter threatened.
"Don't do it Jervis!" Batman shouted.
"It's too late for negotiations, Batman! I...will jump!" the Mad Hatter threw Vicki Vale towards Batman, then jumped off the roof.
"No!" Batman cried. He ran to the roof, in time to see the Mad Hatter be consumed by the darkness.
Below, the Mad Hatter smiled as he fell. And whispered,
The Hatter smashed onto the ground, forming a puddle of blood beneath him. One last tear rolled down his eye, then, he died.

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Re: Batman Verses. The Mad Hatter

Postby Batwoman » Sep 28th, 2013, 1:13 am

Nice story, man ! :adam:
Thanks TheCat for the signature and the avatar !
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