The Silence Of The Lambs (Batman Style)

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The Silence Of The Lambs (Batman Style)

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Gotham City. Hell on earth? City of death? Home of the Batman? The Batman has lived in Gotham City for almost twenty-five years now. James Gordon has been Commissioner of Police for twenty-five years also. Many people may believe that the amount of criminals in Gotham had decreased in the years Batman has been around. But no, it has only increased...
Harvey Dent AKA Two Face sprinted through Gotham. The famous Batman had just foiled his plan to holding reporters Vicki Vale and Jack Ryder hostage. This was his one chance to create millions!
"You can't escape me, Harvey!" Dent could hear Batman behind him swinging on his Grapnel.
"Get away from me!" Two Face screamed, frantically.
Rumour had it, the Batman had been agitated of late. It was said that Batman threw Jervis Tetch the Mad Hatter off a rooftop and snapped the Penguin's neck to see if he squawked. And Dent believed these. The once loved District Attorney Harvey Dent believed these.
Dent was heading towards the sea, in hope to hijack a boat or jet-ski. But he knew the Batman had anticipated this. He checked behind him and saw the Batman gone.
"Your reign of terror is over!" Batman announced.
Harvey turned to see the towering figure of Batman standing above him. Dent screamed and fell on the floor.
"No! No! Don't throw me off a building like the Mad Hatter! Don't snap my neck like Penguin!" Two Face whined. Tears were steaming down his face.
"What are you talking about!?" Batman asked.
"We know what you did! You killed them all!..." Two Face reached for his gun.
"Killed who!? What are you talking about!? Batman yelled, impatiently.
"You killed the Mad Hatter and Penguin!" Dent yanked out his gun and pulled the trigger. BLAM! BLAM!Batman dropped to the floor, two bullet holes in his chest plate.
Two Face looked at the body lying on the floor. Was he dead? Unconscious? He was neither...
Dent held out his hand to grab the rubber mask on Batman's head. Instantly, Batman's eyes shot open, and the final thing Dent could hear or see was a loud, deadening...CRACK!


The Bat-Signal shone in the night sky. A beaming example for justice. Well, that's what Gordon thought. Today, all of Gotham's citizens had either left the city or locked themselves in their homes. You couldn't see anybody outside. Gordon lit his tenth cigar, coughing after the first blow. He knew this wasn't good for his health.
"Commissioner?" Batman was here.
"I'm glad you're here on time. You've been busier everyday. Ever thought about retiring?" Gordon asked.
"Not while the city's in lockdown" Batman answered.
"I thought you'd say that. Anyway, looks like Zsasz has struck again. I knew freeing him from Arkham Asylum was a bad idea. He's starting to kidnap young girls, teenage girls with size 14. We have no idea why they all are size fourteen" Gordon was interrupted by Batman.
"That isn't Zsasz's usual M.O."
"We though that too. He's captured five women so far. And...this is what he did to them..." Gordon hesitated then gave Batman the files.
Batman studied them hard. Printed was words upon words, and coloured pictures of: filthy, dry feet and bloody hands.
"Zsasz has been skinning his victims. A seventeen year old girl named Elizabeth Vale was found near a riverbank. Her back had been skinned and her eyes were missing. Also, each victim who had been abducted was found about one hundred miles away from their abduction spot. Zsasz took his time" Gordon explained.
"May I keep this?" Batman asked politely.
"Well it's the only copy we have so..." Gordon paused and looked up.
Batman had gone.


The Batplane splashed through the water fall. Shedding large droplets of water over Alfred Pennyworth: the Wayne's loyal butler. Batman landed the aircraft and sat at his desk.
"Good evening, sir. And how was your time with Mister Dent spent?" Alfred welcomed him.
"Dent was stopped, if that's what you want to know?" Batman replied.
Alfred eyed the file on Batman's desk. He went for a closer look.
"And this is?..." Alfred examined the front cover.
"Your welcome to read it."
"Of course."
Alfred put on his glasses and began reading with Batman.
"My word." Alfred stopped reading and turned to Batman, "Could this be real?"
"According to James Gordon. Yes" Batman got up and walked towards the Batmobile.
"And where are you going now, master Bruce? Your not confronting Zsasz are you? He's more insane than before!" Alfred yelled over the noise of the Batmobile.
"I'm going to meet an old friend! Or enemy!" Batman drove away.


The bright yellow lights lit up the puddles. Barbara Gordon drove in her 1960's convertible, the radio's volume on 78. She held her shopping on her lap, and sang along with the tune. She parked her car outside her flat. Still singing, Barbara exited the car, and equipped her keys. However, Barbara couldn't help but notice and short, middle-aged man struggling to get a couch in a small van.
"Excuse me! Do you need any help?!" Barbara shouted.
"Oh please! Yes, please!" the short man pleaded.
Barbara grabbed the side of the couch, struggling to get a grip on it.
"You get in the van and pull it while I push it" the man ordered.
"Sure" Barbara answered, crawling into the small van.
Barbara pulled the couch into the van.
"Thank you. Oh, thank you! Hey, are you size fourteen?" the man questioned.
"Yes. Why?" Barbara was pushed into the back of the van, as the short man jumped into the driver's seat and drove away with her.


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