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Arkhamverse : from Justice League and beyond...

Postby Batwoman » Oct 27th, 2013, 3:23 am

Hey there, friends. In this post, I´ll talk a little bit about the future of the rest of the non-Batman Arkhamverse.

ACTION COMICS : After Superman battles the U.S.A. goverment , he will inmiediately have to deal with another problem caused by the U.S.A. . Kal will discover the truth behind the Area 51, and there , he´ll make a breath-taking discovery that will change the course of Superman´s series in the Arkhamverse for years to come !
PLUS : What does the arrival of Kara-Zor-El , Kal´s cousin , mean for the Man of Steel ?

GREEN LANTERN WILL REPLACE GREEN ARROW : By the way, I apologize if there´s an Arrow fan reading this , but the events in my story would have messed with the actual BIG story that is building with Justice League. All I can say is that Arrow will play a key role in the future of the Arkhamverse . Ok, back to Lantern ! This series will basically be a remake of Geoff Johns´ GL run , so you know what to expect...
PLUS : Although Green Lantern will be off-planet for most of the series, everything will come togheter in our planet, and it will be BLOODY ( hint ?) INCREDIBLE !

WONDER WOMAN : Steve Trevor. Washington D.C. . Romance ! Oh ! and... SPOILERSPOILERSPOILERSPOILERSPOILER ! Yeah, I know , that will be AWSOME !
Plus : There´s a super love triangle in the horizon ! <3

BATMAN/SUPERMAN : Be here for the start of our second story "Parallel Worlds" ! The seeds for the first major crossover event for the Arkhamverse are planted here !
Plus : Do you think Batman will ever find happiness ? Think twice ! And... Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow ?

JUSTICE LEAGUE : JL is the center of the Arkhamverse . Screw Batman ! Justice League is the real deal ! After the first arc , in which the JL is formed , we will jump into the future and see why the Arkhamverse changed so much in the last 6 years ! Arkham Origins is an example of this : at the beginning , Batman is feared and hunted , but in AA and AC , he has allies everywhere ! EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED !
Plus : What is the truth behind the Arkhamverse ?
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