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Batman: After Arkham Issue 1

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Set two hours after the events in Arkham City, Batman is now recovering from the Joker's death...

I sat still in the Batcave, looking at the screen in front of me. Alfred was sleeping, Tim was sleeping and Dick was lost. On the screen was the Joker's GCPD file. The same one I had looked at when I first met him. Just two hours ago, his deceased body had been cremated and Harley Quinn, his girlfriend, had extracted her revenge on me. However, failing.
There was nothing else to do. All the criminals were still locked up in Arkham City, talking about the events of Protocol 10 and...the Joker's untimely death. I, too, was tired. It had been an eventful night. Every time I closed my eyes, a vision of what happened earlier appeared. This was how my life would be from now on. My memory infiltrated by Arkham City. There would be no promise to my parents any longer, I think it was time to...retire.
I switched off the Batcomputer. It took a while for my eyes to adjust to the darkness, then I went upstairs, taking off my costume while doing it. Alfred can clean them up tomorrow, he'll be up first thing.
I entered my bedroom and collapsed onto my bed. Lying there, I remembered every moment of Arkham City...

A familiar voice awoke me early in the morning. Slowly, I opened my eyes, this time adjusting to the brightness. Alfred was standing by the bed, holding an antique tray. On it, a full English breakfast and a large cup of what smelt like...tea.
"Breakfast, sir", Alfred announced. I could tell by his voice, that he was trying to not sound tired. He lay the tray on my lap as I sat up and stretched, "I cleaned up the mess you left last night, master Bruce. I have begun to repair it as well, though it will take time."
I started to eat the breakfast whilst Alfred left the room to repair the costume. Now wasn't the time to state my retirement.
After I finished, I switched on the television to the morning news. Vicki Vale was reporting.
"The vast super prison known as Arkham City is closing down. Mayor Quincy Sharp has announced today that he will close down the prison and demolish every building in Old Gotham and replace them with new skyscrapers. All this is due to last night's events, such as the attack on the inmates ordered by the late Hugo Strange and the surprising death of Gotham City's most notorious criminal...the Joker",
my heart skipped a beat and the memory reappeared, "Commissioner James Gordon, who was against the idea of Arkham City the whole time had this to say..."
"It's about time that place got shut down. Approximately 900 inmates were killed during Protocol 10, some of them innocent. Tonight, I will transfer every surviving inmate to Blackgate Prison, I know it's not a good idea, but at least they get food and won't be shot at", Gordon quoted.
I turned the television off, and lay down in bed. I could hear that blood curdling laugh in my head. I could always hear it.


I stood outside the clock tower, looking up at the bell tower. Inside Barbara Gordon would probably be monitoring every CCTV camera in Gotham City. I walked up the hundred steps, occasionally stopping to rest. Finally, I climbed the ladders to see computer screens and a woman in the middle of them, sleeping.
"Hey, Barb. Wake up", I whispered into her ear. She didn't wake up. I looked around, in the corner in a cold bucket of water was a large bottle of wine with a note next to it from Dick. Ignoring the note, I rested the bottle on her fore-head and watched as a small drop of water rolled down onto her nose. She woke instantly, panicking.
"Easy! Stop! You're okay! It's over", I calmed her.
"Tim, what happened?", Barbara asked me.
"She must've fell asleep. Did you have a dream?"
"A bad one. It was about Bruce and Talia and Joker. About the final showdown in Arkham City and...his death."
"The Joker's!"
"What actually happened that night?"
"Has Bruce not told you?"
"Then I can't tell you."
"Why not?"
"If Bruce won't tell you, then he wouldn't approve if I told you. Its obviously private!"
"He hasn't told Alfred, or Dick, or your father."
"Then...its probably hurt him...mentally. Why did you come here?"
"You don't remember?"
"To be honest, I can't remember what I just said then."
"You wanted me to come with you to a store which sells clothes for Bruce's party."
"Oh, right...yeah."
I go with Barbara down the elevator and help her get into the car.

Issue 2: 13th December

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