Batman: Dark Relections Issue 1

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Batman: Dark Relections Issue 1

Postby gary2692 » Dec 9th, 2013, 8:41 pm

Screams echo throughout the 'Sionas Steel Mill'. A man, clothes torn and bleeding frantically, is strapped to the wall by cables around his wrists and ankles. Looking up at him, the Black Mask laughs, wielding a sharp hook.
Black Mask: What does it take to make you spill the beans, eh, Anatoly?
He is silent.
Black Mask: I offer you...a lot of money. And all you do him?! He is our enemy. He is the bad guy. Why don't you understand that?
Anatoly is still silent.
Black Mask: Answer me!
KGBeast: He is...good!
Black Mask: Good you say? Tell me, how is he good?
KGBeast: He is stronger, smarter, better than you in every way!
Black Mask: That so?
The Black Mask slices KGBeast's face with his hook.
Black Mask: You think you can double cross me?! You think you can take my money and betray me?!
The Black Mask whistles to his goons. Three of Black Mask's goons appear, carrying gasoline tanks. They pour the gasoline on KGBeast, then walk away.
Black Mask: Before I set you up in flames, I want you to answer one simple question. After all, I do deserve some gratitude. Here we go...
Black Mask reveals a lighter. He steps back.
Black Mask: Who is...Batman?
KGBeast looks up at Black Mask.
KGBeast: A hero!
The Black Mask throws the lighter at KGBeast. He erupts into flames, screaming.

2 weeks earlier:

Mayor McGog and a crowd of civilians are gathered in front of a large grave stone. The mayor is stood behind a podium.
Mayor McGog: We are gathered here today in honour of Gotham City's hero. Many people considered this man a cop, but no. This man was a hero, without him this city will be a 'No man's land', without him, many of us wouldn't be here today. Commissioner James Gordon we miss you, and always will.
Mayor McGog pretends to cry and walks away from the podium. The civilians then begin to cry. Overhead, a plane flies over them.

Bruce Wayne sits in a chair, gazing out of the window.

Issue 2: 16th December

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Re: Batman: Dark Relections Issue 1

Postby Batwoman » Dec 10th, 2013, 1:36 am

Mother of God , gary2692... that was awsome . Well done , pal. :adam: :blackmask:
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