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Batman Villains Issue 1: Dr. Simon Hurt

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Bruce Wayne sat at the Batcomputer staring at Alfred Pennyworth on the screen. Printed over the top of the image was the word "Missing".
"Where are you, Alfred?", Bruce whispered as if he was right beside him. Bruce switched off the Batcomputer and stood up, still staring at the screen, now fully black.
As Bruce walked out of the cave he received a call from Robin.
"Any luck?", Bruce asked him, hopeful that Robin would've found a lead.
"Sorry Bruce, we got nothing. Even Hurt's associates don't know anything."
"What about the Police?"
"Got nothing. Bruce we'll find him, I know we will."
"Be hopeful, Robin. Be hopeful..."
Bruce hung up and sighed.

Alfred, covered in blood and bruises, was asleep in a wooden chair. Slither dropped from his mouth onto his lap.
"Wake up, Mister Pennyworth. We have much to discuss before your master arrives", a voice from ahead woke up Alfred. Standing in front of him was Dr. Simon Hurt, wearing his distinguished black goggles and black cloak.
"You know who I am, and I know who you are. You are the butler of Bruce Wayne, and his alter ego...Batman! Do not deny that. Now, I presume you are wondering why I have kidnapped you instead of, let's say, Mister Grayson, or Batman himself? You are truly Batman's greatest ally, you have been his friend for far more years than anyone else. So just to make sure he'll come, I chose you as my hostage. And you will hold all of Bruce's oldest secrets and memories, including why he choose a bat as an inspiration to his cause, and why he became the Batman...Oh, I already know that one. Whilst Batman and his allies try to find us, you can tell me all about Bruce's life..."

Batman stood on top of a gargoyle, looking down at the city below through his binoculars, hoping to find something concerning Alfred and Hurt. But there was nothing. Bruce threw the binoculars on the ground in rage.
"Still no lead?", Nightwing was standing behind Bruce.
"What do you want?!", Batman snapped.
"Wow, where did that come from? I only came here to see how you were doing and if you'd found Alfred or something."
"I'm sorry, Dick. I..."
"Listen, it doesn't matter. Alfred's one of your greatest allies and probably your closest friends, you should be worried. "
"So, how did you find me?"
"Barbara told me you'd be here, and I followed the trail of tears."
"Shut up!"
"Hey, just trying to lighten the mood a little."

"Thank you, Mister Pennyworth. I'll leave you in peace", Hurt thanked Alfred for all the information. Alfred was now loosing consciousness.
"Commander, begin the filming in the records room, I'm about to begin my advertisement of the "Unmasking Of Batman".
"Yes sir", the commander replied.
Hurt followed the commander through the building and stopped outside the records room. The commander knocked on the door, the hatch slid open revealing a pair of eyes.
"It's time!", Hurt announced as he entered the room.

Bruce sat on the roof of City Hall gazing up at the sky. His binoculars were held in his hand, not being used.
"Attention Gotham City! This is Dr. Simon Hurt speaking!"
Bruce looked down at the large television in front of him facing City hall. Simon Hurt was on it.
"As you all know a civilian was kidnapped today in Gotham. Well, that civilian was kidnapped by me. You know him as Alfred J. Pennyworth, butler of the Wayne family, I know him as Batman's butler. All the details will be reported live, by me, at midnight. Goodbye!"
Batman rung Oracle via his com-link straight after the message.
"Oracle was that on regular TV?", Bruce asked.
"Yeah, and before you ask, I've already recorded it", Oracle replied, a tone of sympathy in her voice.
"Did you see what was in the background? It looked like Hurt was in the records room, and ladled on the drawers were GCPD. Hurts at the Gotham City Police Department!"
"How did he get in there without the Police knowing?"
"I don't think they know. Call Gordon, tell him to keep all the officers away from that room. I'm going in!"
Batman hung up and was off on his way to the GCPD building.

Hurt hurried back to Alfred after the recording. Alfred was still in the chair, but now awake.
"I saw your recording. Shouldn't you know that the initials "G.C.P.D" could be seen clearly in the background?", Alfred said upon Hurt's arrival.
Gentlemen, I think it's time we left this place", Hurt announced, nervously.
The lights switched off. The room was in total darkness.
"Yes, it would be a good idea to get out of here. But the only way out is through the window. Are you that willing to escape?", Batman called to Hurt in the darkness.
"Where are you, Batman!?" Hurt yelled.
"Right behind you!"
Hurt quickly turned around and began attacking fin air. Eventually, he realised it. Batman began to laugh.
"Where are you!?", Hurt cried, now terrified.
"Now I'm in front of you!", this time, Batman was telling the truth. He kicked Hurt in the back sending him soaring to the ground, he slammed his head into the floor, making it bleed and finally he threw him into the door, breaking the hinges. A swarm of Police officers infiltrated the room, arresting Hurt and his men.
When the lights were switched back, Batman and Alfred had gone...

Issue 2: 13th January
The next villain could be decided by you!

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