Justice League #3

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Justice League #3

Postby Batwoman » Jan 10th, 2014, 5:29 pm

Seattle :
Professor Silas Stone and his team are working with one of the Boxes.
Silas : I´ve never seen anything like it... whatever it is , it wasn´t made in our Solar System. We have no record of these materials. Get Dr.Light . He might be useful here.
His son , Victor Stone enters the room.
Victor : Dad ? You missed the game ... again...
Silas : Victor , get out of here. This Box is dangerous.
Victor : No , Dad , we have to talk ! You always say you´re gonna go watch the game , but you lie ! You always lie ! About the game, about Mom...
Silas : Victor , shut the hell up ! I´m never going to go to one of your stupid games , because what me and all the rest of the people are doing here is not playing : we´re saving the damn planet ! SO SHUT UP AND GO AWAY BEFORE YOU HURT YOURSELF !
Victor : You´re never gonna go to one of my games , right ?
Silas : ... NO...
Vic looks angrily at his father , then turns around and starts to walk away.
The box explodes.
Silas : Victor , get out of the way !
Vic doesn´t answer...
Metropolis :
Batman , Superman , Flash , Green Lantern and Wonder Woman are battling the Paradeamons.
Batman : Listen up , we need to retreat !
GL : Shut up and enjoy beating these guys up , Batman...
Batman : I´m serious ! Superman , use your freeze breath and inmobilize the monsters !
Superman uses his freeze breath.
Superman : Now what ?!
Batman : We get the hell out of here !
WW gives Batman her hand, since he can´t fly.
Flash : Why are we leaving , Batman ?! There may be some civilians in danger !
Batman : We need to find the source of the invation and take their leader down.
WW : You mean the so-called "Darkseid" they keep talking about ?
Batman : Excatly.
GL : Who is this chick anyway ?
Batman : They call her "Wonder Woman" ... that´s the only thing I know about her...
WW: My name is Diana. I am from Paradise Island . I came to your world to defend mankind against the horrors of the Hades and...
GL : Whoa , whoa , slow down , pretty-girl... the Hades ?! That´s total bull...!
Flash : LANTERN ! Don´t be such an idiot , OK ?
WW : Says the man wearing a magic ring...
Batman : Silence ! We´re surrounded...
From the sea , millions of Paradeamons emerge. Also, a gigant tower rises from the dephts of the sea.
Flash : I guess that´s their home...
A Paradeamon is about to spit fire from his mouth , but a trident cuts his head.
It´s Aquaman.
GL : AQUAMAN ?! Gimme a break...
Next : Aquaman ! The rise of Cyborg !
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