I AM THE NIGHT PT.1: The Beginning

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I AM THE NIGHT PT.1: The Beginning

Postby The_King_Of_Arkham » Jan 13th, 2014, 7:04 am

Police sirens wailing and tires screeching aren’t an uncommon noise in Gotham City, it’s often dismissed because its citizens are so used to it. Even tonight it doesn’t seem to be out of the ordinary as the Gotham City Police Department is just on a high speed chase with a man seen fleeing a crime scene on a red motorcycle.
The motorcycle rider was covered in an all black body suit and had his face covered by a mask and a matching black helmet. There was no discernable way to identify him, So long as the suit doesn’t get damaged and no one takes a shot at me, thought the man on the bike. He looked behind to see how close the police cars were in pursuit. Then he made a sharp turn right down an open alleyway. He could hear a thud as the police screeched to a stop and collided into the buildings surrounding the alley.
The motorcyclist smiled to himself, feeling triumphant and thrilled he managed to get away without any further fuss. Tonight’s going better than I hoped, he thought. Then he checked his bag that had been slung over his shoulder in a hurry. Hopefully nothing got damaged in the rush and I can collect evidence from this still. But his thoughts were brought to a stop when a cop car pulled and stopped in front of him. The cyclist didn’t have time to stop, so he silently cursed himself and jumped from the cycle in a front flip formation clutching onto his bag as to make sure it’s contents were safe. The police occupying the car looked dumbfounded as the cyclist made a perfect front flip from the cycle over their car to the other side of the street, Hm, the cyclist mused. You’d think they they never had a fleeing suspect evade them before. Although I’m one of the rare few who won’t pay them off to ‘forget.’
The dark clad rider dashed down another alleyway and lunged to a fire escape. I’ll lose them on the rooftops. He scaled the walls as quick as possible and began bolting across the large rooftop. He came close to the edge and jumped to the next, the reach wasn’t too far, he just had to be sure he caught the edge of the roof in time before making contact. He pulled himself up and kept running without hesitation, If I duck into the Burnley building two blocks from here I should lose anyone that might be tailing me. He didn’t dare look behind him, he wanted to be absolutely sure he was in the clear before relaxing. But just because he wasn’t looking back didn’t mean he wasn’t on alert, he didn’t hear anything but his own footsteps and didn’t sense anything else around him.
When he reached the old Burnley building, he jimmied the lock and got inside as fast as he could. Leaving as little evidence of entry as possible he began to silently and slowly walk down the steps into the building, trying to regulate his breathing so it wasn’t so heavy, just in case.
Moving quickly and silently was a skill the cyclist had acquired through years of practice, he manged to make it to the lobby without alerting any of the tenants in the building. Almost there, he thought as he saw the emergency exit and walked towards it. Just as he began to make it down the hall, a janitor’s closet flung open and a man lunged at him. The cyclist was of course surprised and while trying to fight this mystery man off of him he went through a list of who it could be that was attacking him. The man threw his right fist quick and precisely almost as if he’d received training. No time to think about that, the rider grabbed the fist and twist the arm back, that’s when he saw the sidearm. It’s a cop? Hm, smart cop to predict my movements, they must have set up a perimeter in this area to see where I would go. The rider shoved the cop backwards with a shove of his boot into the cop’s chest.
I need to end this before back up arrives, no doubt he already radioed in when he saw me come down the stairs. The cop coughed from the loss of air that had just been knocked out of him, then he looked at the rider. He wore glasses and had light brown hair with a matching thick mustache, the mustache was curled up in a really angry grimace. Great, I pissed him off, I can use this to my advantage. The cop lunged for the rider, the rider twisted out of the way and thrust his fist into an uppercut in the cop’s jaw. The cop went on his back immediately. The rider went to leave and then the cop was on his back “No you don’t!!” he shouted. “You aren’t leaving here unless it’s in handcuffs or a body bag!!” The rider flipped the cop. over him and tossed him into a coffee table, Doesn’t give up does he? He turned around and again the cop tried to attack him with some of the shards of broken coffee table. The cyclist dodged each attack but got blindsided as the cop used the swipes as a diversion to land a hard punch on the cyclist’s ribs. The rider howled with pain and surprise which allowed the cop to land more blows with the furniture pieces. Eventually the cyclist was on the floor and the cop dropped the pieces of furniture, breathing heavily.
“Now,” he panted. “Let’s see if you were worth all this fuss.” He bent down and reached for the cyclists helmet, he thought the mystery motorcycle rider was out cold or dead, so imagine his surprise when the cyclist grabbed the cop by his trench coat collar and smashed his helmet into the man’s face. The cop was on the ground out cold.
Sorry about the glasses, he thought as he got to his feet. And…the nose. But without a second thought he ran out the emergency exit and hightailed it as fast as he could manage with the pain in his ribs.
Two hours later he made it back to where he stashed his old beaten up Pontiac. At a parking garage on Kane St. and Finger Ave. His ribs were killing him at this point. That was, he coughed and winced. A good hit…must have…marine training or something close… He tried not to stumble but he managed to just completely collapse into his car. Probably shouldn’t drive, but I can’t stay here… his gaze drifted to an old theatre that read “MONARCH” in big neon letters. Never here!
He started his car and drove, for the most part, without passing out from pain. When he made it to the Palisades he let himself relax a little more. But when he drove up to the old ancestral mansion at the top of the hill he couldn’t even will himself to open the gate he just stopped and leaned back in his seat, breathing heavily. Finally he made himself fish out his phone and dial the one person in his contacts. It rang for a moment but when he heard the other end pick up he managed only two words “A-Alfred…help…”
"You see now I understand there are no chance encounters, it was all meant to be, everything leading up to who. I've met. Tonight."
-The Joker (Batman: Arkham Origins)
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