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Arkhamverse : 2014 and beyond...

Postby Batwoman » Jan 17th, 2014, 8:36 pm

JUSTICE LEAGUE : As I mentioned before , JL is the center of the Arkhamverse right now. So I heavily recommend that you read it. After the origin of the League , we´ll have a 7-chapter arc focusing on eacf of the Leaguers´ nemesis :
Superman : Lex Luthor ( JL #7 )
Batman : Deadshot ( JL #8 )
Wonder Woman : Cheetah ( JL #9 )
Flash : Caaptain Cold ( JL #10 )
Aquaman : Black Manta ( JL #11 )
Green Lantern : Sinestro ( JL #12 )
The whole League : Despero ( JL #13 )
After this arc , the villians will band togheter and form the "Injustice League". During this storyline , "Injustice for all ( named after the JL episode ) " , 2 members of the League will quit , and one member will never be the same !
This all leads to the fourth arc, where the trust among the heroes is tested like never before , when Aquaman betrays the JL and goes with his brother, the Ocean Master !

JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK : Although JL may be the most important series right now , JLD is the one most connected with the distant super-mega-enourmous Arkhamverse event that concludes everything ! This event is still veeeeeeery far away , but if you know a lot of the DC Universe and read JL and JD carefully , then you might just figure out what this super event will be about. I can´t give details on JLD , because every chapter has something that can´t be spoiled !
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