The Doors- Chapter Two

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The Doors- Chapter Two

Postby Batwoman » May 15th, 2014, 8:37 pm

Moment of Freedom
as the prisoner
blinks in the sun
like a mole
from his hole

a child's 1st trip
away from home

That moment of Freedom

Chapter Two : " That moment of Freedom..."
Written by Red Robin 1999

Spike : Hooooneeeyy , I´M HOMEEEEE !!!
Spike and Lanstein have broken through to the Other Side . It´s wonderful here , you should visit us , too .
A woman with no clothes , walking around the way she was born in this world enters the room to greet his husband and his companion . Her face is covered with a Hornet mask . Her voice is as sweet as a Mockingjay´s whistle .
Eve : Hello , darling ! Who´s your friend ?
Spike : Oh , Lanny , this is my wife Eve . Eve , this is my pal , Lanny .
Lanstein : I-it´s actually Lanstein ...
Eve grabs Lanny´s hand . She wraps her fingers around it .
Eve : Any friend of Spike is my friend . Come on now , gentlemen , dinner is waiting !
The three walk to the dinning room . There , Lanny finds nothing but dishes and glasses , but no food or anything to drink .
Spike : You´re a wonderful creature , Evey ...
They sit down .
Spike takes off his mask . Without it , he´s very similar to Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols .
Eve also takes off her mask . She looks like Sid´s girlfriend , Nancy .
Spike closes his eyes , and so does Eve .
Suddenly , a technicolor fish with a bed of french fries appears on Spike´s dish . an entire pizza on Eve´s dish .
Lanny is astonished . He can´t believe his eyes .
Spike : Lanny ? What´s wrong ? We can eat later if you wish .
Eve : Just think of your favorite food , Lanny . Listen to me , to my voice...
Lanny closes his eyes and thinks of spaghetti with tomato sauce . The food appears right in front of him .
Lanny starts to eat .
Eve : So , darling , did you hear about the stingrays ?
Spike : No , what happened with them ?
Eve : They ate some children from Nodnol . Threw their bones at some fellas from there . They want to kill and eat the stingrays now .
Spike : That´s sheet ! Pure bullsheet ! We´ve gotta do something ! I´ll call the guys . Lanny , you coming ?
Lanny : I... I suppose I am . Where are going ?
Spike : To Nodnol , Lanny . We´re gonna kill the Nodnolian Mayor and throw his bodies at my good fellas the stingrays ! HA HA ! It´ll be funny !
Lanny : A-are you insane ?! These last few hours have been completely crazy to me !
Spike : This is your moment of freedom , Lanny . You have to live it !
Lanny : Why ?!
Spike : You´ll see...
Eve : Lanny , please... just go with my husband and his friends .
Lanny : F-fine... who are your friends , Spike ?
Spike : Some of them are already here... Lanny , meet the Club 27 !
Kurt Cobain , Janis Joplin , Jimi Hendrix , Jim Morrison and Brian Jones suddenly appear in the room .
Spike : Yup , Guys , this will be fun !

Next : The Journey Begins

Here , I humbly present to you a poem of my own...

" Later..."

The colors are emotions ,
The emotions are empty vessels .
The woman slept , the girl is breathing .
Enemies from the shadows , evil queens and kings
Stalked the girl across their sphere of influence .

Hidden divinity , represented the moth ,
Death , life and rebirth all at once .
When the American gods encountered the girl ,
The moth flew away , eating itself .
The woman opens her eyes ,

" Have we done the right thing ? "
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