RR 1999´s poetry #1 : " The Mother and the Lambs "

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RR 1999´s poetry #1 : " The Mother and the Lambs "

Postby Batwoman » May 29th, 2014, 1:55 am

The Mother and the Lambs
Written by Red Robin 1999
Spoiler: show
" Later..."

The colors are emotions ,
The emotions are empty vessels .
The woman slept , the girl breathes .
Enemies from the shadows , evil Kings and Queens
Stalked the girl all over their sphere of influence

Hidden divinity represented the moth ,
Death , life and rebirth all at once .
When the American gods encountered the girl ,
The moth flew away , eating itself .
The woman opened her eyes...

" Have we done the right thing ? "

"Awake "

With all their cannons pointing at her ,
The moth had no other option but to devour herself .
The woman with the pyramid on her face crawled out from the box .

Oh , my goddess , harbinger of the Apocalypse , Mother of all Moths ,
We beg you to give us some hours to gather our loved ones ,
For the Ceremony of the Moth is almost upon us...

" Don´t you know it´s the end of the world , my love ? "

As the world goes insane , the Mother reunites with her family .
They celebrate , they dance , they scream and laugh , although they know .
They know the end is upon them.

The Spark of Creation uses the Ceremonial Cane to
Mix the Holy Fluids with blood .
Infinity spreads out from the Chalice , across the planet .
" It´s time..." announces the Mother...

" Sun "

The Mother gets higher and higher , until she arrives .
The gigants with spinning stone faces and blue tunics
watch over the magic theatre that is creation .
They willingly give her permission to end the Celebrations ,
Mother descends .

" Close your eyes , my children..."

A massive sun , with the face of a baby aproaches our planet .

" Now open them ..."

We are blinded by white , comforting lights , all coming from the Sun´s eyes .
And in just a fraction of a second ,
Darkness becomes everything ,
Everything becomes darkness .

" The Ceremony of the Moth "
The sun stared down at the lambs .
Hope passion and pride all at the same time .
The seeds of humanity grinned and turned the Roses into
Praying Mantis with thornes on their horns .

Women and men wrapped their tounges with each other ,
While screams of pain and pleasure applied force
To the circumference of birth .

When the act of pollonization reached its conclusion ,
The women suddenly revealed some hidden knives ,
Which they later used to cut the men´s prides and heads off .

When they finished the royal Ceremony
And painted their bodies red with the men´s blood ,
Mother gave the order .

In the midst of laughter and insanity ,
The women used the knives to open their uterus .
Raised their natural creations and destroyed them ,
Only to later use the same knives on themselves .
Mother knows it now .
The Celebration of the Moth is reaching its END .
She must die so that they can all live .

The Moth´s wings start to burn ,
The beautiful insect falls ,
While her wings are turned into ashes .
The Celebration of the Moth has concluded .
“ Goodnight , until tomorrow...”

A couple of months ago , I was walking down the street with a fellow brother .
When we were reaching our destination ,
Our paths crossed with the ones of some
Lovely ladies .
Her green , maybe blue eyes met mine .

That´s when my suspicions were finally confirmed .

Later on , my path crossed
With the female´s one last time , for now .
We were crossing a white wooden , door .
I love you , my sun , my goddess ,
You mean everything to me ,
So don´t keep playing your games .
Come to my arms ,
For infinity is waiting for us ...
I love you .
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