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Written by Red Robin 1999

There are things you are never meant to know and there are things you are meant to know . It´s as simple as that . The world is like an onion , man , there are several layers . As you peel out the layers , things get more sour , until you reach the center of the vegetable , and you may began to tear a little bit . I know this may sound ridiculous , but that´s the way it is . Aliens ? Human weapons ? Mind- control ? Secret societies ? Pff , that´s stupid , man ! It is , but that doesn´t mean it is not true . I can´t tell you my name , that´s my secret , but what I´m going to tell you is the truth . Yes , the truth and only the truth .
Here we go...
Washington D.C. :
Jimmy´s Steak restaurant :
A man and a little girl with her teddy bear enter the restaurant . The infant´s right eye is covered by her hair . The bear only has its left eye , and it is decorated with some animal print pyramids .
Jimmy Grimmes .Jr sees the pair enter , and quickly walks to greet them .
Jimmy : Good evening ! I assume you want a table , sir !
Man : In fact , we came here to make sure that everything is right in your restaurant , Mr. Grimmes.
Jimmy : Of course , of course... come on in...
Jimmy guides the man and the girl throughout the restaurant . They reach the owner´s office . When they enter the room , the man makes sure to lock the door while Jimmy moves a carpet on the floor . There´s a secret door under the carpet . Using a special key , Jimmy unlocks the door and they climb down a ladder .
Jimmy : We´re here .
The man walks towards an old metal door . He knocks on three times .
Man : I´m a handler . I´m here to deliver the package .
The door slowly opens , screeching .
The handler gives the girl his hand and they continue walking until they reach a room filled with men with black tunics and cone-shaped masks , which are also black .
Masked Man #1 : Hello , darling , are you hungry ?
The little girl nods .
Masked Man : I have looots of candy in my room , wanna come eat some ?
The girl nods again and gives her hand to the man .
She then sits on a chair , in front of a massive cinema screen .
Masked Man : You like movies , honey ? You´ll love this one...
The film begins .
The little girl´s brain and mind are shattered as a Monarch butterfly lies on her head . No one here gets out alive .
The girl rose to fame a year later , working in a super-hero movie .
This is just the beginning .

I promised the truth , right ? Well , this is just beginning . If I disappear or stop posting stuff here , then you will know what happened to me . I´m sorry if this marks the end of life as I know it , but the truth must be spoken . They control us , they watch us . We are all being submitted to mind-controlling experiments . We are all initiated .
End Chapter One .
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