I AM THE NIGHT PT.3: Gotham Central

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I AM THE NIGHT PT.3: Gotham Central

Postby The_King_Of_Arkham » Jul 5th, 2014, 10:47 am

Captain James Gordon made it in early that morning to Gotham Central headquarters, the truth is he never really left, he just went down a few blocks to a diner after having his nose looked at and taping his glasses back together.
“Hey Jimmy that’s quite a bump you got there,” an officer laughed as he placed his arm around him. “What happened? Biker slip right from under your nose?”
Gordon did not care at all for this particular cop, he removed the man’s arm and started to quicken his pace with an annoyed expression, “I don’t have time for your idiocy right now Flass, Loeb wants to see me.”
“Better hurry to the principal’s office then!” Flass called back mockingly. “Before he calls your folks!” Gordon could hear the big moose of a man laughing from across the room as he made it to the staircase. If there’s one crooked cop that needs to be caught above all others it’s Arnold Flass! Gordon thought angrily as he trudged upstairs. Definitely not the day for hazing, especially after that biker punk got the drop on me. He rubbed his nose and winced in pain. Whoever he is, this WHAM is mine.
Finally he made it to the second floor and stopped at the first door on the left, a huge office door that read on the window “Commissioner Gillian Loeb.” Just as he was about to knock he heard from inside, “Come in!”
Gordon stepped in and shut the door, “You knew I was coming sir?” he asked.
Gil Loeb was as crooked as they came he encouraged bribes, excessive force, and used the police force more as a protection racket than a public service, he was old and heavy set and overweight with his old wrinkled black pinstripe suit and his mismatched bow tie. “I could hear those cinderblocks you call feet stomping upstairs,” the commissioner chuckled slightly.
“What is it you needed to see me for sir?” Gordon asked straight to the point. Loeb chuckled and wheezed, too many years smoking cigars. “Straight to business as always,” Loeb said. “I don’t need to tell you how last night was a complete fiasco. Seven different squad cars and fourteen armed police officers couldn’t even stop one punk on a motorcycle.” He motioned to Gordon’s nose and glasses. “Your appearance just proves my point.”
Gordon clenched his fist, “He got the drop on me sir, but we will find him and have him prosecuted for assault and suspicion of murder.”
Loeb waved his hand dismissively, “Forget about him, the worst thing this punk kid probably did was tamper with evidence, because there seems to be a lack of it. For now just focus on investigating the crime scene and the victims.”
“But sir- -
“THAT is an order, Captain Gordon,” Loeb said sternly.
Gordon clenched his fist so hard he thought he was going to pop a blood vessel, he could have went off about how this biker may be important to the case, especially if there’s missing evidence. But instead he took a deep breath and said, “Yes sir.”
Loeb smiled devilishly, “Good. You are dismissed.”
As Gordon made it downstairs he just kept thinking about the mysterious biker and how quick and strong he was. And what kind of mixed martial arts was he using? Gordon was baffled, but he quickly shoved those thoughts aside when he got back downstairs and saw Flass talking to a young woman at his desk. At first he just rolled his eyes thinking it was just Flass trying to prove he’s a ‘ladies man’ but he realized who he was talking to and hurried quickly to his desk and said “Don’t you have other duties to perform detective?” he gave Flass a stern look.
Flass winked at the girl, “I can multi-task.” Gordon’s stern look turned into a death glare. Flass laughed and walked away smiling like the big dope he is. Gordon groaned, “What are you doing here on a school day Barb?”
“Nice to see you too, Dad.” His daughter replied sarcastically. Barabara Gordon was just a few months shy of 17 and very inquisitive, intelligent, and athletic. She had red hair like his first wife who she was named after, she wore thin, oval frame glasses and a purple sweatshirt with the Gotham High School logo on the front and regular blue jeans. Barabara was contemporary and casual unlike most girls her age. It didn’t seem to matter, everyone knew how beautiful she was, Gordon had even thought of starting to pick her up from school in a squad car and carry his badge and gun to show the boys how protective he is over his little girl.
“You didn’t answer my question young lady,” Gordon said switching to parent mode.
Barbara laughed, “It’s memorial day, you goof. No school. Remember, we had lunch plans?”
Gordon looked at his watch, “It’s a little after nine Barb. A little early for lunch.”
A totally fake look of surprise came over her face, “Is it?!” she smiled. “I had no idea.”
“Mmmhmm, what exactly are you wanting?” Gordon gave her that look all parents give their kids when they know they want something. Barbara gave her dad a big hug. “I heard you’re working a multiple homicide and possible burglary, any new developments?” she asked.
“Uh uh,” he got his daughter off him. “No way am I letting you look at a homicide case. You really don’t need to see this kind of stuff.”
“Aww come on Dad please??” she pleaded. “You know forensic science is what I want to major in at Gotham U. I even have already been taking some college classes in my free time from high school to get started.” She said proudly.
Gordon seemed genuinely impressed. “Really? You’re already taking some courses?”
She nodded. “Yeah, and I’m even being mentored by the top student of the course. Kathy Kane.”
Even Gordon had heard of Kathy Kane, not just from her wealthy upbringing, but her brilliance had actually helped with some cases in the past. A girl that smart taking my little girl under her wing, that could really open some major doors for Barbara if she’s successful, he thought.
“Alright,” Gordon sighed. “Just be really careful with everything. We’re actually missing some evidence as it is.”
Barbara had been so fixated on the case that she didn’t even notice her father’s appearance until after he handed her the flashdrive with the file, “Geez Dad, what happened to your face?!”
Gordon looked away, “Just a rough night sweetheart, nothing for you to worry about.” He motioned her to come in closer. “It’s best you don’t come down to the station like this, Barb. It’s not safe.” He eyed the cops around him.
“Daddy I know you’re looking out for me and I love you for it, but I can handle myself. I mean really, I’m almost legally an adult.”
Gordon chuckled slightly. “Of course, sweetheart. Just please, do this for me?” Barbara could see the serious worry in her father’s eyes. She brushed her bangs out of her face and gave a sigh, “Okay Dad, you win. I’ll stop bothering you at work,” she said with a slight tone of sarcasm.
“Good girl. Also, stay away from Flass.” He warned. “He’s not the type of person you want around.”
Barbara let out a dismissive huff, “Like I want tall, dark, and creepy around me at all.” Jim smiled at his daughter. “Alright,” he said. “Get on home. I’ll come get you at lunchtime.”
After she left Gordon went back to work the case with the hardcopy file. He kept reading it but obviously there were holes since they had missing evidence, Damn biker, Gordon thought. Last thing we need is a vigilante running around.
A uniformed officer with slightly graying hair and bags under his eyes ran over to his desk, “Sir, I think we may have got a lead on the victims.”
Gordon shot up from his desk, “What have you found, Merkel?”
He and Merkel started walking to one of the evidence walls in the back of the station, this one had already been set up for the case from last night, Merkel pointed to the photo of the victims. “Our victims were all co-partners for ownership of Ace Chemicals.”
“What would they have been doing in a little subsidiary like that?” Gordon asked.
“We just got off the phone with one of the other co-partners. Seems that they decided to have a meeting there in secret about the next product for their company to release.”
“Who was the man you spoke with on the phone?”
“Michael Akins,” answered Merkel as he handed Gordon a small printed paper with information on the partners of Ace Chemicals. “Seems four of them went, but three of them stayed put.”
“Who are the three who stayed?”
“Michael Akins, Walter King, and Frederic Muller.”
Gordon was confused, Why would only four of them go to a ‘secret meeting’? He thought. “Alright, I want police detail to keep an eye on the remaining three. And I want you and lieutenant Foley to question King and Muller while I question Akins.”
“Looks like Foley’s gonna be sitting this one out Jimmy,” said Flass as he walked in. “Just got a call that Muller’s been murdered.”
With that, Gordon rushed out to his car, with officers in tow, and headed to the scene.
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Re: I AM THE NIGHT PT.3: Gotham Central

Postby Batwoman » Jul 5th, 2014, 10:57 pm

Dude , this " I Am the Night " stories are amazing ! Congratulations , you are an awesome writer , keep it up !
Thanks TheCat for the signature and the avatar !
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Re: I AM THE NIGHT PT.3: Gotham Central

Postby The_King_Of_Arkham » Jul 6th, 2014, 12:47 am

Thank you so much I'm just glad it's being enjoyed :)
"You see now I understand there are no chance encounters, it was all meant to be, everything leading up to who. I've met. Tonight."
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