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Tell me you didn´t hear this before : a beloved child actress is the star of a hit show for kids . As years go by , the child becomes a young woman , but she has changed . She´s an addict , she has legal problems , she causes incidents during her shows and she gives terrible examples to her fans . Brittany Jackson , Destiny Hollow ... the list goes on and on , until you see the connection : Brittany worked in " Dance Floor " , Destiny in " Skool Days " . Guess what ? All those shows were owned by the same company...
But , what happens when you choose to speak against them ?

The United States of America ,
52 years ago ...

President Johnatan Mailbu is reflexing in silence in his White House office . He asks himself is he´s doing the right thing , if all this is worth it . He thinks about his wife , Anne and his two kids Ellie and Joel , and what may happen to them if he speaks .
It is all interruped by the sudden arrival of a hooded figure with a lizard mask .
???? : Are you ready , Brother Malibu ?
Johnatan : ...
???? : You know this is it . Today , the current phase of our master plan comes to a close , Mr. President , and we need you and your act to begin the new one .
Johnatan : I quit . I goddamn quit , you nutcase ! I´ve had enough of all these plans and schemes and all this bullsh*t ! If you don´t want me to speak , you will have to kill me right here , right no..!
The phone starts ringing .
???? : Answer the phone .
Johnatan : Hello ?
Anne : Honey ? It´s me . I know you don´t like it when I call you when you´re working , but it´s too late , and I was worried...
The man in the lizard mask chuckles .
Johnatan : I´ll be home soon , baby , I love you...
He hungs-up .
Johnatan : OK ... I´ll do it... I´ll do it...
???? : That´s more like it . Oh , and Brother Malibu ? Let me give you one piece of advise : Think before acting .
A couple of hours later , the President is ready to give his speech .
Johnatan : Thank you , thank you , America . You know , yesterday I was thinking of my family , and what I want for their future . And when I talk about my family , I´m not talking only of my wife and kids , but of all of you Americans out there . I want the best for you . That´s why I am announcing the dawn of a new area of medical resources that me and... and...
For some seconds , there is silence as everyone stares at the President .
Johnatan : I can´t do this anymore , I CAN´T ! My fellow Americans , I have not been entirely truthful with you . I was blackmailed into the secret society known as the " Enlightened " , and they have terrible plans for the future . Not just for our country , but for the entire world ! A new world war will..!
All of a sudden , a bullet hits the President´s head , as a naked lunatic starts shooting people in the audience.
Lunatic : F*ck you and your lies , Mr. President !
That afternoon , the President was killed . The shooter was sent to an asylum owned by the government . The next week , a new President was elected , and he assured that the speech given by Malibu was caused by heavy drinking and use of drugs . His wife died in a car crash two months later , as one of his kids became a junkie while another one just vanished from public life .
All this is just part of a bigger picture , are you ready to uncover the secret ?
Next : Present-day chaos
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