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Justice League #4

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Seattle :
Part 4
Story by Red Robin 1999 and conradoaccorsi
Written by Red Robin 1999
Silas Stone and his team are trying to save his son´s life . They tried everything from tissue-repairing nano-bots to ordinary treatments , but nothing seems to help Vic .
Arthur : Silas , his vitals ! They´re falling ! We´re running out of time !
Silas : Then we find another way , dammit ! This is my son we´re talking about , Arthur ! I can´t fail him ! Not again !
Arthur : You don´t understand... we´ve used everything we have ! There´s nothing else we can do to save him ! His injuries should be infected by now , it´s just a matter of time !
Silas : Then we use the keys . We go to the Red Room .
Arthur : What ?! Are you out of your damn mind , Silas ?! We have alien technology in there ! Super-human stuff ! You´ve seen what those things did to other people , and you are going to use them on your own son ?!
Silas : Arthur... please , I beg you... help me save my son .
Arthur pauses . He takes out his key to the Red Room and looks at it before staring at Vic .
Arthur : Fine . I´ll help you...
Metropolis :
Green Lantern : Is this some kind of joke ?!
Aquaman : I suppose you are not the head of your team . I wish to speak with your leader !
Batman : We don´t have a leader , but you can talk with me .
Aquaman : My name is Arthur Curry , King of Atlantis , Defender of the Seven Seas . And you are..?
Green Lantern : I am the Green Lantern , protector of Space Sector 2814 . This is Flash , the fastest man alive . Wonder Woman , Warrior Princess and die-hard fan of Rick Riordan novels . Superman , the man of steel and Batman , super-human wannabe . “ Pleased to meet you , your majesty “ .
Aquaman : This is no time for games , green man ! Our planet is being attacked by hellish creatures , and my Kingdom is in danger ! We must create a plan to send these monsters back to where they came from .
Batman : Well , I think that the monsters are coming from that tower . The boxes we found seem to be some sort of mobile-portals to the monsters´ planet . If we can get to the tower and find a way to activate a “ Mother Box “ , we can activate all the boxes at the same time and send the monsters away from here .
Wonder Woman : And while you do that , I can stay and fight more of these demons before we send them back with Hades !
Green Lantern : -sigh- again with the Greek myths...
Superman : That seems to be a nice plan , but how do we get inside the tower ? There are many monsters inside , we can´t fight them all .
Flash : Yes , we can , Superman . I have an idea : I can distract them while you do whatever you have to do with the boxes .
Batman : It´s not that simple , Flash . I have a better idea : Aquaman can take me inside the tower via water , while Green Lantern , Superman , Wonder Woman and you hold the monsters on .
Wonder Woman : That sounds like a plan !
Suddenly , from the top of the tower , a red lightning hits the structure . The skies turn red , and everything begins to shake .
Flash : What´s happening ?!
Batman : I don´t know , but my box has gone crazy !
A red lightning hits the street , right in front of our heroes . A massive portal opens , and from inside it , flames can be seen and screams can be heard . An enormous figure steps out of the portal . It has grey skin and red eyes . Its armor had an Omega logo painted on its front with blood.
The intimidating figure punches the floor , destroying everything nearby . The heroes are thrown away by the monster´s punch .
His name is Darkseid , and he´s come to destroy it all .
Seattle :
Arthur and Silas are inside the Red Room , looking for something that can save Victor´s life .
Arthur : I found something . I found the Promethium .
Silas : Good . Now , come fast and I´ll held Vic tight while you inject him with the Promethium .
Arthur : Silas , know that if his body rejects the Promethium...
Silas : His vitals are dropping ! DO IT NOW , ARTHUR !
Arthur : God help us all...
Arthur injects the Promethium on Vic . Soon , he starts screaming of the intense pain it is causing to his body . His body begins to be covered in wires and wries , until all his injuries are covered in wires . Then , all the wries begin to melt into some sort of metal .
Silas puts a piece of robotic eye in a piece of metal on his son´s head . The piece of metal and the melted wires quickly blend with one and other , until Victor is no longer a man . He is the first successful cyborg in the world .
His vitals are back to normal .
Silas : We did it , Arthur... we did...
All of a sudden , some Parademons storm their way into the Red Room . They start spitting fire from their mouths , and A piece of roof falls on Silas and Arthur . They have no way out of this one , and the Parademons are right in front of them .
Vic opens his eyes.
Next : Conqueror of worlds
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