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Justice League #5

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NOTE : Guys , my computer is broken , so that's why conradoaccorsi will be posting my stuff until I find a way to post here again .

Somewhere else ,
Time ago :
The peace and colors were found in every corner , happiness abounded in both the shadows and the light . A state of calm that our primitive world was far from reaching , an Utopian eden of joy and care . The springful winter was interrupted by a red lightning , as the flowers were killed and the fish drowned in pain and agony . Portals now covered the skies with blood and suffering . Winged creatures with terrible screams and red eyes ate both the born and the unborn , as the end aproached with the arrival of the conqueror of worlds , with the arrival of Darkseid .

Chapter five
Plotted by Red Robin 1999 and conradoaccorsi
Written by Red Robin 1999

Earth ,
Now :
Wonder Woman slowly wakes-up . She hears an eeire sound in her ears , with desperare screams and explosions getting nearer .
WW : B-batman..? Aquaman ? Is everyone alright ?
Superman , enraged , breaks free of the pile of concrete above him .
Superman : I'm up , Wonder Woman , so let's find this monster !
Batman : Hold on ! Remember our plan , Superman...
Green Lantern : Oh , party pooper ! Look , Batman , I understand that deep desire you have since this all mess started . I understand that you want to be a little bit useful tonight , but in case your Bat-brain got hit pretty bad , THAT GIGANT ALIEN BEING IS DESTROYING THE ENTIRE PLANET . It's just a matter of hours , minutes maybe , until this guy destroys all of Metropolis ! So I suggest we act NOW or wait for Batz to organize his lil' plan !
Batman : Dammit , Lantern , can't you see that we're overpowered ?!
Green Lantern : Maybe you guys , but I have the most powerful weapon in the universw in my damn finger !
While he says this , Hal constructs a gigant hand showing its middle finger to Batman .
Aquaman : You are speaking in the prescence of a king , here ! At least show some respect !
Flash : Uuh... guys ?
Batman aims a batarang at GL .
Batman : Enough , you little..!
Flash : GUYS !
A golden swarm of blood and death was quickly aproaching our heroes . Parademons spit fire from their mouths , screechs and claws that terrorized the bravest warriors .
Seattle :
Darkness abounded . A hornet was sitting on his ears , its constant buzzing blocking Victor's thoughts . All he could think was " Am I dead ? Is this what death feels like ? " . But Death would not hug this young titan yet .
Silas Stone and Arthur Light are surrounded by some Parademons . The merciless creatures won't take long before they destroy both men with a single blast from their flames .
Silas : Argh ! Arthur ! Please tell me you've... found something we can use against these monsters !
Arthur : Sorry , Silas ! We're surrounded !
Silas : We're in the damn Red Room ! This place is supposed to contain powerful alien technology and there's nothing we can do to get out of this one !
Vic slowly opens his eyes .
Cyborg : D-dad..? What's going on ?
Victor can hear his father and Arhtur's screams . He can feel how desperate they are , he can feel the sands slowly reaching the bottom of the glass . But they won't .
Cyborg performs an incredible leap towards the Parademons , and when he arrives , he kills one of them with a single blow by cracking its skull .
Cyborg : Get away from them !
The Parademons screech as they open their mouths , ready to spit fire .
Cyborg : Step away , NOW !
Unintentionally , Vic's right hand transforms into some sort of futuristic cannon .
Waves of white sound are ejected from Cyborg's cannon , as the Parademons are vaporized instantly .
Vic can see it now , as he realizes what is going on .
His body is no longer . Instead , his whole body is made of metals and technology .
Silas : V-victor..? Oh , God , Vic ! You did it !
Cyborg : Dad ?! What the Hell is going on here ?! What happened to me ?!
Silas : Easy , son , you were almost killed by these monsters .
Cyborg : But where is my body , Dad ?! I-I can't feel anything , and my eye..!
Silas : Arthur and I injected you with a compound called Promethium in order to repair your body tissues and save your life .
Cyborg : Now I'm... I'm a machine... And you did this to me ?!
Silas : You were going to die , Victor ! What other choice did we had ?! I was not going to let you burn alive and die out there , I wouldn't FAIL you !
Cyborg : No , Dad , you didn't save me... you've just finished what the aliens started : you killed me .
Silas : Victor , wait...
Cyborg leaves the room by leaping far away into the skies , leaving his father with a guilt-eating cannibal inside him .
Metropolis :
The heroes are fighting some Parademons . The beasts are mindless , with only their leader and father Darkseid in their hollow minds . They were created to serve Darkseid . Darkseid is their will .
Flash : Hey , am I the only one who's getting pretty tired here ?!
Wonder Woman : I can't speak for all of us , but my thirst for a fight will never cease !
Batman : We're running out of time !
Suddenly , Cyborg lands with a powerful blast . He kills several Parademons with this .
Cyborg : W-where am I ?! Who are you people ?!
Aquaman : What in Poseidon's name is that thing ?! Another monster ?!
Wonder Woman : It appears to be a kid in some sort of armour !
Superman : Wait ! It's a Cyborg !
Cyborg : You're Superman ! The dude who can fly and lift a whole building with one arm ! Please help me , I don't know what to do with...
Cyborg touches a Parademon while lifting it , and some wires come out from his fingers before attaching into the Parademon's chest .
Cyborg : What the..?! Ping ? What does PING mean..?
As soon as Vic finishes the sentence, the Parademon's Box activates and a portal opens , sucking-in Darkseid's soldiers .
Batman : It seems you can interact with any kinf of technology...
Cyborg : I just want these things to go away... if you super-people have banded togheter to save the planet , then maybe I can join you guys and...
Superman : Hold on a second... You want to help us ?! What are you , seventeen , son ?
Cyborg : You've seen what I can do . Let me help you !
Batman : He's right . His abilities may be useful in the Parademon's tower . You think you can open the central box ? That's the key to ending all this .
Cyborg : I'm willing to do it .
Batman : Then we begin our attack right now . Aquaman , get you and me and the boy to the tower while the rest takes down their leader . Let's get moving !

Next : The first of many to come...
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