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Justice League #6

Postby Batwoman » Nov 7th, 2014, 11:18 pm

The Parademons' Tower :
Aquaman has managed to get Batman and Cyborg to the Tower via an underwater cave .
Aquaman : We're here .
Batman : Everyone ready ?
Cyborg : Yeah
Aquaman : Always .
Batman : Good . Let's get to it...

Chapter 6
Plotted by Red Robin 1999 and conradoaccorsi
Written by Red Robin 1999

The city of Metropolis :
Superman is trying to survive Darkseid's powerful attacks .
Darkseid : Enough with the games , fool...
Darkseid stumps Superman in the knee , and then punches him with all his strenght .
Wonder Woman jumps into action by wrapping her Lasso around the tyrant's neck .
Wonder Woman : Tell me , monster , why are you here ?!
Darkseid : I'm here to save all of creation...
Darkseid grabs Diana by the head and smashes her against a building .
Green Lantern constructs a gigant hammer and hits Darkseid in the head with it .
Green Lantern : Well , big guy , you found us and guess what ? You're so screwed...
Hal is about to hit Darkseid again , but the powerful tyrant punches the constructs and shatters it like glass .
Darkseid : You are not the first Green Lantern I have encountered in my journey , human... The rest of tham have perished before me , and you will join them soon...
Darkseid fires some lasers from his eyes that inmediately hit Hal , badly injuring him .
Flash : LANTERN !
Barry rushes to help his friend , but Darkseid grabs him by the leg and smashes him against the ground several times .
Superman sees his fellow heroes injured , out of combat , leaving all the responsabilities of taking down the conqueror of worlds by himself .
Superman : Wherever you are , Batman... Hurry !
In the Parademons' tower , Batman and the rest have reached a room full of cells . They see a woman with long , red hair that reaches her feet chained to a wall , a blue device that has the shape of what appears to be a beetle and a case full of advanced alien technology .
Cyborg : What is all these stuff ? Hold on , I'll touch one of these guns and see if I can connect with tem .
Batman : Don't touch that ! Don't touch anything ! We don't even know what kind of power we're dealing with !
Cyborg : uhh... sure...
Batman : We're right below the Central Command room , according to Victor's mapping system . The Mother Box should be there . This is what we'll do : Aquaman and Victor , you'll cover me while I find the Box . When I do , Victor will do his thing quickly and then we all get out of here . Got it ?
Cyborg : Hell , yeah !
Aquaman : I'm ready , Batman .
Batman : Then let's do it ...
Bruce throws several explosive Batarangs at the ceiling , and the heroes enter te Central Command room .
In the city , Superman is trying to survive Darkseid's powerful attacks .
Darkseid : I suppose you are a Kryptonian ... It's been a while since I killed one of your species . I understand that Krypton was destroyed ?
Superman : With all due respect , Darkseid... ITS NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUISNESS .
Clark fires his lasers at Darkseid , who blocks them with the palm of his hand .
Darkseid : There is no stopping me , Kryptonian . I am Darkseid !
Wonder Woman wakes up . She sees Flash attending to Green Lantern's injuries .
Flash : You're gonna be okay , man , just take it easy .
Green Lantern : Aaahh... My arm... It burns ! What did that WHAM do to me ?!
Wonder Woman : Wait... I know what we can do to stop Darkseid ! Flash , distract him while Superman and I do the dirty work .
The Parademons' tower :
Aquaman and Cyborg are fighting the Parademons while Batman looks for the Mother Box .
Aquaman : Batman ?! ngh ! Take your time , please !
Batman : Just hold on for a second , I think it is... Here . I found the Box !
Victor comes running .
Batman : Do it quickly , we can just hope that the others have resisted the alien's attacks...
Metropolis :
Superman is down . He can't fight Darkseid much longer , he's too powerful .
Just before the tyrant can kill Superman , Flash throws a rock at his head .
Flash : Hey , rock-face ! Over here !
Darkseid smiles and fires his Omega Beams at Flash , who vibrates as the Beams hit a building .
Darkseid : Impressive...
Flash : Behind ya !
Darkseid turns around , just in time to see Diana stick a sword in his right eye .
Wonder Woman : HA ! Now , Superman , go for his other eye while he is dizzy !
Superman flies towards Darkseid and fires his lasers at his face . The powerful alien is now blinded for a short time .
The heroes take advantage and start to attack him all togheter at the same time .
In the Parademons' tower , Aquaman is exhausted and can't keep fighting the hordes of Parademons for much longer .
Batman : Come on , Victor , focus !
Everything is on you now , only you can save the Earth .
Cyborg : C'mon... Just " ping "...
The Mother Box makes a " PING ! " sound , and suddenly , all the boxes open and Darkseid and his army are sucked into the portals .
Darkseid : Y-you have ruined it all... I was just trying to save... all of... Creatio...
The BOOM ! Tubes close , and the planet is saved .
However , the Parademons' Tower explodes .
Superman : Oh no... No , no , no !
Flash : The Tower's just exploded !
Wonder Woman : And Batman and the others were inside...
To the heroes' surprise , a gigant whale emerges from the sea . Aquaman , Batman and Cyborg are on top of it .
Superman : You did it , Batman ! Your crazy plan worked !
Batman : No , Superman... WE did it...


TV Reporter : In the aftermath of this great conflict , the world was changed forever . Super-humans were suddenly loved by the people , and the governments ad well . The people who were once called " Super-Humans " were now called " Super-Heroes " , and as the weeks were passing by , more and more super-heroes were popping-up all over the globe . However , the group of heroes who stopped the alien tyrant we now know is called Darkseid was never seen togheter since the night of the invasion . The question in everybody's mind is : Will this heroes take separate routes again or will they form a permanent team ?
Bruce Wayne turns off the TV , and he has an idea in his mind .
Bruce picks up his phone and dials a number .
Bruce : It's me . Tell them to meet me tomorrow night in Wayne Manor .
The next night , Green Lantern and Flash are waiting for the rest in the entrance to Wayne Manor .
Green Lantern : So why do you think that Superman told us to meet him here , Barry ?
Flash : I dunno , but that house looks very creepy...
Aquaman , Wonder Woman and Cyborg are the next to arrive .
Cyborg : Hey , guys .
Green Lantern : Whoa , so this is like some sort of reunion or something ?
Suddenly , the gates open .
Batman and Superman are waiting for them .
Batman : I'm glad you could all make it . Follow me , please...
Flash : Hold on , Batz , why are we on Bruce Wayne's home ?!
Batman takes his cowl off .
Bruce : I am Bruce Wayne...
Later , the heroes arrive to the Bat-Cave .
Bruce : I assume you understand how much I trust you all by letting you into my home and telling you my secret .
Superman : I am Clark Kent , Kal-El is my real name .
Aquaman : Well , I told you all my name : Arthur Curry .
Cyborg : I'm Victor Stone .
Wonder Woman : Princess Diana Prince , at your service .
Flash : Barry Allen .
Green Lantern : Are you out of your damn mind , Barry ?! Exposing yourself just like that to total strangers ?!
Everyone stares at Hal .
Green Lantern : -sigh- Hal Jordan...
Bruce : The night of the invasion... I learned a valuable lesson that I'd like to share with you : Divided we fall , united we stand .
Superman : What Bruce is trying to say is that if we unite as a team , we can help each other and deal with threats we would never be able to overpower as individuals . Bruce : We propose to you , the world's greatest heroes , to unite , so that we stand against everything that threatens our planet .
Aquaman : I'm in .
Wonder Woman : Me too . This world belongs to everyone , men and Amazons alike .
Cyborg : Well , I guess that this is the best job offering I'll get .
Flash : Count me in ... And Hal too .
Green Lantern : Whatever .
Flash : It's settled then... no evil shall defeat the might of... THE SUPER-FRIENDS !
Hal : Barry , I think that we should vote on the team's name...


Epilogue :
An unkown location :
Alien : Everything ends . It is the way things are meant to be . Life and death is the same thing . We must deconstruct to construct , and the time has come for Earth to finally comprehend that nothing lasts forever...

Next : The present-day Justice League vs Metallo in conradoaccorsi's debut in the series !
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Re: Justice League #6

Postby MaxSchreck » Jan 31st, 2015, 1:10 pm

I really like your take on the New 52 Justice League, maybe even better than how Dc told the story. The scene at the end where the heroes gather at Wayne Manor was espacially good (alltough I think Barry should have suspected that Bruce is Batman at that point) and Darkseid seems to have a more complex motivation than he has in the New 52. What confused a little,though was Starfire and the Beetle in the Parademon tower. How did they escape the explosion?

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Re: Justice League #6

Postby Batwoman » Jan 31st, 2015, 6:39 pm

Hey , Max , thanks for your support I really appreciate it . In regards Starfire and the Beetle , that will be later expanded on by conradoaccorsi , since he asked me to include that little detail in the scene .
Thanks again and we hope you stay along for the awesome ride that will be JL !
PD : Darkseid´s ineviatble return will answer many of the enigmas of this arc , so expect much more complexity in the character´s real quest and motives in our universe .
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