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Arkhamverse : Sins of the Past #1

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Five years from now , Earth was the battlefield of a catastrophic civil war among the super-hero community .Heroes died , some went rouge and the planet was devastated . In the aftermath of the war , Starro The Conqueror arrived to our planet , willing to take control of it . In space , a massive intergalactic war threatened with destroying it all . The different Lantern Corps battled each other , as a dark prophecy was about to become true . Also ,the mysterious Brother Eye satellite and the O.M.A.C.S.hunted down every super-hero in the planet .
This is what happens next...

Prologue :
Alien : Everything ends . It is the way things are meant to be , it is the natural order of existance . Life , death , the balance is unpredictable , but it is fair . But that order was recently disturbed . A dying planet was meant to be deconstructed in order to be constructed agian but for a higher purpose . The Allmighty's wishes were not granted , and Earth managed to cheat death , to cheat US . It was their time to accept the natural order ... But they rejected it . The chain was broken . Nothing lasts forever , not even Earth...

10 years into the future...
Earth ,
The ruins of Metropolis :
The skies are red . Death abounded , life was fading away every minute . The erected buildings , the majestic towers are now pieces of concrete scattered everywhere . The moon is gone , the blood moon has evolved . It had to adapt or die. Only five years ago , these streets were full of cars and people , rushing to work . Urban noices were common , but now , the only sounds the 35 habitants of Metropolis can hear are the O.M.A.Cs and explosions .
Condor and Phantom Lady , two old friends and former Freedom Fighters are hiding under a pile of concrete . They are praying to a god that has turned his back on us all , and left us to die . But why blame him , while all these tragedies were caused by one of us ?
Condor : ... please , please , we beg your pardon and your mercy , and spare us from the sins and the claws of the Devil , Amen...
Phantom Landy : Finished ?
Condor : Yeah , let's get movin'.
Phantom Lady : Hold on a second... I've got a message from Batman .
Condor : What ?! Batman doesn't use electronics in the hot-spots unless the situation requires it . What does he want ?
Phantom Lady : Jesus...
Condor : Phantom Lady ?! What does the message...?!
Phantom Lady shows the screen of their JL communicator . In big , red letters a gigant " GET OUT NOW " messages cover te entire screen .
Condor : Oh no... no , no , no !
Suddenly , the ceiling is blown away by some lasers .
Three large androids are floating in the red skies . They have a red circle on their faces , and their body constantly changes color .
Phantom Lady : Guess ...
From behind the two heroes , more androids appear , as they launch some metal tubes from their hands and into Condor and Phantom Lady's chests .
From the tubes , blue wires get into the heroes' flesh . They start to vomit all their organs and blood as the wires advance through their bodies . Their bones are turned into a jelly-like substance , which causes them to lose their heads and necks .
When the disturbing act of death is over , the adaption process begins as their bones turn into metal , and their bodies begin to disfigure . Soon , they are a mixture of their old bodies and the O.M.A.C androids .
Condor and Phantom Lady : ADAPT OR DIE .

Red Robin 1999 and conradoaccorsi : plot


Chapter one
Written by Red Robin 1999

Korugar :
It's been three years since Korugar , former homeplanet of the Sinestro Corps , had habitants . Ruins of the city are everything you can see apart from a massive desert which can be found all across the planet . In the middle of the old Korugian capital , the Central Power Battery of the Sinestro Corps is useless and dusty , a symbol of the Corps' failure to save Korugar and its people . But deep beneath the Battery lies the Sinestro Corps' old HQ . And once a month , Korugar recieves visits .
Eight cloaked figures meet in the sandy ruins of the city . They salute each other by lifting their right hands and saying loudly and clear " nihil perpetuum est " .
Then , they take off their black gloves and put their hands togheter .
The figures walk towards the Sinestro Battery , and when they are in front of it , the person with a Sinestro Corps ring opens a secret door in the floor . The group enters , and soon they arrive to the lower areas of the Sinestro Corps' HQ .
The people take-off their hoods . It's Dr. Fate , Atom , Blackfire , Mera , Owlman Power Woman , Maxwell Lord and John Stewart .
Owlman : We now begin our monthly meeting number 52 . Who wants to begin ?
Atom : Me . I've been investigating the O.M.A.C technology with Batman . Last week , Hawkman and Deathstroke managed to kill an android , and brought his body back to our base . We studied it for a whole week , and we got to the conclucion that the O.M.A.Cs are , to their surprise , made of cells . They are alive , but mindless . They are programmed with some determinate acts and words that doesn't give them the ability to choose . Maxwell and I have been working on this togheter .
Blackfire : John and I have been dealing with Nekron and the Black Lanterns . The containment wall... It won't hold on for much longer...
Mera : Me and my people are in crisis again . Atlantis was attacked by Starro twice this week . Another attack and my kingdom will be destroyed . We don't know what to do .
Power Woman : Talking about Starro , Wonder Woman's team has stopped fighting it . Instead , they have focused on their hunt for Mr. Terrific again .
Dr. Fate : And my answer is still the same than in the previous months : Magic is dying . The First Rule is being applied on the Magic world .
Owlman : Hmmm... I see... does everyone in this room understand what we should do ?
Everyone nods their heads .
Power Woman : Worldkillers .
The Ruins of Gotham City ,
The Batcave , home of Batman's resistance :
In this dark cave , the few heroes who decided to stick with justice and truth also stayed with the Dark Knight , have shelter from the dangers of the outside world . At the beginning of all this , half the super-hero community was part of the team ... now , very few
Batman Beyond : Strange . He should be here by now .
Green Arrow : He's here , kid . He's locked himself up in that lab of his .
Batman Beyond : But I thought he said that he would continue studying that dead O.M.A.C with Atom .
Katana : He's right . Something's going on and the boss is not telling us anything .
Red Robin : Heh... you don't understand , friends . Batman is not in trouble , and neither are you... He is planning something , something big ...
Atlantis :
General Orm : What happened , guard ?!
Guard : The prisoner ! He has escaped !
General Orm : My... alert Queen Mera ! Seal the perimeter walls , no one gets in or out of here until he is back in a cell !
But it is too late .
He is the one who can end this , he can spare Atlantis , he can spare his home from Starro's destruction . Only he can do it ... even if it means selling his soul to the Devil ...
Arthur Curry crawls his way out of the ocean and into the shore . He hasn't seen the outside world in four years .
He doesn't know how dangerous it has become .
NEXT : Death Designers , Angry Kings and deals with the Devil
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