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Arkhamverse : Sins of the Past #2

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The ruins of Happy Harbor :
A fierce storm is a sign of terrible things to come . Arthur Curry doesn't believe in omens , so he ignores them . Last time he was here , the O.M.A.C Androids were still in their first phase of evolution . One of them had dragged his ex-wife Mera into the ocean by pulling her by the leg . Aquaman , as they used to call him , had to cut his own hand-off in order to save Mera .
Remembering this makes Arthur turn around and look back at the ocean . He can return , and be locked again in the safety of his deep cell , far away from Starro's reach ... And the O.M.A.Cs as well .
But he thinks of the surface world and how it used to be before the civil war . He thinks of his friends , and if they are still alive , and he promises to them and himself that he would save the Earth .
Arthur uses his telephaty to call a Killer Whale , he will use it as a quick way to get to the North . To Starro .
Chapter two
Plotted by Red Robin 1999 and conradoaccorsi
Written by Red Robin 1999
Korugar :
In the old HQ of the Sinestro Corps , the secret team of the Owlman , Dr. Fate , John Stewart , The Atom , Power Woman , Maxwell Lord , Blackfire and Mera are debating what to do .
Mera : We've already done this . What could possibly go wrong this time ?
Power Woman : With the sudden demise of five Earths in four years , we might attract the attention of the Monitors , Mera . If the Monitors decide to attack us , we would have another big problem to deal with .
Blackfire : My God...
Maxwell : What is it , Blackfire ?
Blackfire : All this mayhem we've caused... All the Earths we've destroyed... We're not delaying the End... We're speeding it up .
Owlman : Hmmm... I see . She is right . We've doomed the universe .
Suddenly , a big , white , naked man bursts through a wall .
White man : Shakilllko jalkena unoshiikayyyy !
John turns into a Green Lantern .
Green Lantern : A Mapper ? Here ?
White man : O-Omega !
The white individual puts both of his hands inside his mouth and starts to pull until he rips his jaw off .
From the opened mouth of the Mapper , a black sphere with a thin metal stick on its bottom emerges to the surface from the creature's throat .
The sphere opens , and it shows an eye .
Voice : The End is nigh .
The sphere is launched to the air and blue waves cover all of Korugar . When the waves vanish , the sphere explodes .
Dr. Fate : Pack everything you can . Both this planet and the universe are not safe anymore .
The Worldkillers rush away from the Sinestro Corps' old HQ with piles and piles of cases and secrets . They get inside their own spaceship , the Justice League's former ship .
The Hooded Person is driving .
Mera : Where are we going ? Because I need to get to Atlantis right now !
Owlman : Why is that ?
Mera : The prisoner has escaped . Arthur is free again !
Owlman : I am afraid that will have to wait , Mera . We have a bomb to build .
The Ruins of Gotham City ,
The Batcave :
Green Arrow is training with his bow and arrow . He's shooting at some pictures of Mr. Terrific .
Green Arrow : WHAM...
Flash : Can't sleep , huh ?
Green Arrow : Who can sleep these days ? With the androids that traitor created roaming above us and Starro and all the other stuff that brough us the apocalypse... How do you do it ?
Flash : Do what ?
Green Arrow : How can you maintain your hopes , Wally ?
Flash : I think of Linda...
There's silence in the room .
Flash : Anyways , I heard that Wonder Woman and her team are hunting Terrific again .
Green Arrow : Good...
Arrow lets go off the string of his bow and fires the arrow . It hits on Terrific's head in the photo .
Green Arrow : I hope they find him . And kill him in the most horrible way possible , for all our sakes .
Six hours later ,
The North Pole/ Starro's main colony :
Arthur slowly opens his eyes .
He's slept for most of the travel . Swimmimg for three hours without stopping for the first time in four years consumed all his energy .
Every fiber of his body hurts . He wishes to be in bed with Mera , but that dream slowly fades away as he remembers she hates him now .
Arthur jumps-off the back of the whale and into the freezing and red ground of the North Pole .
He walks and walks for hour in the middle of nothing , alone and starving .
Is this the freedom he was constantly seeking during his four long years in a cell or is he just running towards Death and her warm hug ?
The fallen king can't take it anymore . He falls on his knees and lets all his pain and fustrartion out of his body in a long and painful scream .
The wind slows down . Arhtur can now see with more clarity . But what he sees may be either his salvation or his doom :
An abandoned U.S Research facility with a gigant starfish-like creature on its top .
Arthur runs towards the building and when he arrives , he sees some familiar faces waiting for him .
Flash ( Barry Allen ) and Mary Marvel are standing in the main entrance . They have small copies of Starro attached to their faces .
Arthur lifts his arm , so that the guards can know that he comes in peace . However , Flash pushes him and while he's falling , Mary punches him in the spine .
Everything turns black as he's being dragged inside by his former
Friends .
Unknown location :
Maxwell : It's done .
Owlman : You have it ready ?
Atom : Yes . Let's get to it quickly , we don't have much time .
Owlman : John , turn it on . We have a world to kill .
Next : Worldkillers
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