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Arkhamverse : Sins of the Past #3

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The ruins of Alaska :
In the middle of the night , a man desperately run from the Reaper . He is in a way , the person who caused the Brother Eye take-over , he is the Eye's father .
The man is exhausted and hungry . He can't keep running anymore . He gives-up and lets Death touch all his body and kiss him in the neck with her white , soft lips .
Wonder Woman and her team of hunters have finally found Mr. Terrific again .
Diana Prince : We have you again , Terrific .
Mr. Terrific : Hello , Diana .
Diana : This time , for Superman's sake , for ALL OUR SAKES , even Batman's... I will do what someone should have done five years ago .
Diana lifts her sword , as she is about to finally kill Terrific .
Mr. Terrific : WAIT ! I know how to stop the Eye , I know how to end this !
Diana hesitates . " What if this is another one of his lies ? " she thinks . But she has killed and seen the death of many people in the past . She knows that look in the eyes , that look of hope and... Truth...
For the first time in years , Diana is about to do something that could finally set her on the path of justice again .
Diana : Bring it , Aleka , bring me the Lasso of Truth. You are coming with us , Terrific...

Chapter three
Plotted by Red Robin 1999 and conradoaccorsi
Written by Red Robin 1999

Unknown Location :
Atom : We have a bomb ready , we are on time , but...
Owlman : But what , Ray ?
Atom : Look , we've been at this for quite a while now , and... Well , we've killed billons , maybe even more , people . But the threat doesn't seem to back-away , and....
Power Woman : I understand what Atom is trying to say . He thinks that all we've done during the last four years was for nothing , we were wrong all the time .
John : Ah... I see it now . Heh !
Atom : If they're headed right for us , if we're the ones they're after since the beginning... Then we should listen to them . Five years ago , we called ourselves " heroes " ... All I see when I look around are killers . Worldkillers .
Power Woman : If we really want to do the right thing and save everything , we have to use the last of our bombs on our own Earth .
The North Pole ,
Starro's Main Colony :
Arthur Curry has his head covered with a black hood . He can't see anything , only pure darkness .
He is in a cell again , someone opened its door and entered . They grab Arthur by the arms and drag him towards Starro's room .
Starro : Leave us alone . Tell me , Arthur Curry , why are you here ?
Arthur : I... I came to trade with you , Starro.
Starro : Continue...
Arthur : My people , Atlantis .. They have betrayed me . My wife hates me . But this... This was all caused by my fellow associates . I would like you to leave Atlantis alone and if you do , I promise you things beyond your power , Starro .
Starro : You have my attention , Atlantean . What kind of things are you speaking of ?
Arthur : Bombs capable of destroying whole universes with a single detonation , artifacts which allow the user to become a God ...
Starro : I would belive you , but this group you are speaking of , the Justice League... They were the only ones with such power and the League has been dead for five human years . Do not lie to me .
Arthur : Hah... The Jusice League ?! No , Starro , there is a group far more poweful than the League... I am talking about a secret brotherhood... The Worldkillers .
Starro : I agree to the trade . Atlantis is safe from my conquerors . Get ready , Arthur Curry , you and your army will leave by midnight...
The border between Space Sector 2814 and Space Sector 2815 :
The containment wall built by the Lantern Corps fve years ago to prevent the arrival of terrible beings has kept us safe from unstoppable doom for a long time . But with all the Death , this great evil has become more powerful every year .
The wall cracks , and cracks until it falls to pieces , and finally , the deadly Black Lanterns finish their journey to Earth .
Later , the Worldkillers arrive to Metropolis with their End-times bomb .
John : Hurry , we don't know how much time we have before and O.M.A.C spots us .
Power Woman : Owlman , why are we doing this ? After all this world and its people has given us... We just can't blow it up .
Owlman : Power Woman , when we joined this group , we swore that we would do what we would have to do for the greater good . We're not fighting O.M.A.Cs or Starro or the Black Lanterns . We are saving reality as a whole , only we can do this .
Atom : It's ready .
Blackfire : Turn it on , Atom...
Ray is about to press the button which turns on the bomb , but John rushes in desperately .
John turns into his Green Lantern suit .
Green Lantern : They're here !
Dr.Fate : Who , John ?! What is going on ?!
Green Lantern : The wall has fallen , the Black Lanterns have arrived !
The sky is filled of Black Lanterns , many of the fallen heroes among them . The O.M.A.Cs prepare to fight the undead aliens while some others spot the Worldkillers .
However , Arhtur also arrives with an army of Starro-controlled heroes and villains .
The Worldkillers have a weapon capable of destroying everything , while they are surrounded by O.M.A.Cs , Black Lanterns and Starro's army .
The Batcave :
Batman's resistance is getting ready to go to war when suddenly , there is a massive exlposion which creates a whole in the ceiling . From it , Diana and her army of rouge heroes come with an announcement .
Diana : We want a truce to fight the war . But I wish to speak with him first .
From the shadows , Batman ( with his Arkham Knight aromur ) comes out .
Batman : Diana .
Diana : Batman .
Batman : What do you want ?
Diana : We've found Terrific ... And he told us how to stop all this . You were right all this time , about your so-called " Original Sin " : Darkseid should have won the first time .

Next : Earth's final battle
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