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Arkhamverse : Sins of the Past #4

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This was the day where it really started . Although the line between good and evil was blurred , it was clear that our planet still had people fighting for it . Others , they fought for something far more complex than a dying universe . Some for their people and families and others simply for death . Only a few knew of the real enemy , and its inevitable arrival ... Time . Time had ran out , and the enemy was about to arrive...
In the areas near to Jupiter , an entire and massive fleet of gigant spaceships was about to reach Earth . The Black Lanterns which crossed their path were easily vaporized by a powerful and ancient weapon .
The Creators were almost here .



Chapter 4
Plotted by Red Robin 1999 and conradoaccorsi
Written by Red Robin 1999

The ruins of Metropolis :
Green Lantern : Quick , Fate , open a portal so that we can get out of here !
Dr. Falte : I'm sorry , John , I'm afraid I can't do that .
Power Woman : We're surrounded , allies ! I'm afraid that we are the Multiverse's last hope and we are about to perish at the hands of the enemy .
Owlman : We cannot let the enemy get to the bombs . I can only imagine what kind of atrocities they would do if they gain our knowledge and weapons .
Blackfire : What we`ve been doing all along , Owlman : destroy planets .
The Cave :
Batman : So you`ve finally listened to reason . Good . Now get the hell out of my home !
Diana : We want to help you , Batman , but we can´t if we don´t put our differences aside and fight together one more time .
Batman : You should have said this years ago…
Diana : Batman…I know .
Batman stands still . He angrily stares at Diana .
Diana : I know .
Batman : Fine . I`m listening .
Diana : Holt here says he can help you fix Mr. Miracle`s machine . If he is to be trusted…
Batman : He isn´t .
Diana : … you can carry on that plan you told me about when all this began . You can save us all .
Batman : Holt is a liar , a murderer . A greedy , sick man who killed all his friends and the entire world because he was arrogant enough to create a machine with a mind of its own . He created Brother Eye . You should have killed him by now , Diana , and I wouldn´t have standed in your way .
Mr. Terrific : You… where is Bruce ?
Batman : What ?
Mr. Terrific : You heard me right , “ Batman “ , WHERE THE HELL IS BRUCE WAYNE ?!
Batman : You´re talking nonsense , Holt ! Shut up !
Mr. Terrific : No , I am not . If you were Bruce Wayne , you would never , EVER say that you would have let a man die . NEVER . Besides… you´re forgetting one tiny detail about the Eye`s creation . Yes , I am smart enough to create this kind of A.I. , but I am not smart enough to deduce ALL my friends and enemies´ weaknesses .
Batman : HOLT , DON´T !
Mr. Terrific : Bruce Wayne was the Eye`s real father . He asked me to help him build the satellite , but he was the one with the idea .
Green Arrow points his bow and arrow at Batman´s head . He´s about to shoot .
Arrow : You sonuva..!
Diana : Oliver ! Wait . Take that mask off right now .
Mr. Terrific : WAIT !
Everyone stares at Holt .
Mr. Terrific : He`s found me .
Suddenly , the walls of the cave start to shake .Someone´s trying to get inside .
Mr. Terrific : Brother Eye has found me .
The walls explode , as hordes and hordes of O.M.A.Cs enter the Cave .
The Ruins of Metropolis :
Green Lantern constructs a gigant hammer and smashes several Black Lanterns with it while Blackfire uses her powers to burn some others .
Blackfire : Our efforts are useless ! They just keep regenerating !
Maxwell : Then I`m afraid we must do it .
Atom : No ! We can´t evacuate the planet and deal with all these enemies at the same time , Maxwell !
Maxwell : Then we must perish along our world and everyone in it . It`s just one more world worth sacrificing for the fate of many more .
Maxwell lifts the Worldkiller Bomb´s detonator from a table .
Power Woman : Put it down , Max , or I`ll make you do it .
Maxwell : Remember our secret codename , Karr ? Nihil aeternum …
Owlman throws an Owlarang at Maxwell´s hand . He drops the detonator .
Owlman : Take him down .
Maxwell : I´m sorry it has to be this way , friends… I really am …
Maxwell shoots his Omega-Beam gun at Blackfire . She is disintegrated into dust in a matter of seconds .
Green Lantern : NO !
When John´s distracted , Black Lantern Beast Boy turns into a massive Lion and chops his head-off.
While the members of the brotherhood struggle to keep the Black Lanterns away from the bomb and they try to kill Maxwell , Arthur and his army burst into the scene .
Mera : Arthur , stop , I beg you !
Arthur punches Mera .
Arthur : You sent me to a dark prison in the depths of Atlantis ! All because I refused to commit the cruelties you wanted to do ! YOU ARE KILLERS , EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU !
Mera stands up . She uses her ability to manipulate water in order to create a deadly trident .
Mera : If you insist…
The Cave :
The O.M.A.Cs are fighting the last few heroes on their feet while Batman and Terrific try to fix Mr. Miracle`s device .
Batman Beyond : Boss… you`ve got to hurry up ! The androids have already killed Flash !
Diana : You destroyed my home ! You murdered my family ! You will pay , Brother Eye ! You hear me ?! YOU´LL PAY !
Diana : Shut up !
The android mimics Black Canary´s sonic scream , but it is heavily amplified .
The scream disintegrates Diana´s head .
Meanwhile , Green Arrow has run out of arrows , and his bow is broken .
Ollie is exhausted . He can´t fight the androids anymore .
Green Arrow : Heh… so this is how it ends ?
Green Arrow : See you soon , Dinah…
The O.M.A.C rips Oliver into two .
Batman Beyond : Batman , they`re all dead !
Batman : It doesn´t matter… we´ve done i…
An O.M.A.C blows the ceiling , killing Terrific and severely wounding Batman .
Batman Beyond uses one of his gadgets , which creates a force field .
Batman Beyond : Boss ! Boss are you alright ?!
Batman : N-no… Terry … take it… take Miracle´s device…
Batman presses a button in the device and gives it to Terry .
Batman Beyond : What is it ?
Batman : A time machine . You have to… ughh… you have to go twenty years into the past… and… cough cough !... prevent it…
Batman Beyond : Prevent what ?!
Batman : The gathering of the Justice League… kill us all if you have to…
Miracle device : JUMP IN TEN SECONDS.
The O.M.A.Cs manage to break through the force field .
Batman : Guess.
The machine activates , and a purple light covers Terry . As the light vanishes , so does Terry .
The Cave explodes , as Batman´s legacy dies .
The Ruins of Metropolis :
The Worldkillers are fighting , when suddenly , they stop .
Owlman : No… please , no !
Arthur : What is it ?!
Mera : They`re here , Arthur…
Atom : This is the end…
The skies are filled with several massive spaceships .
Power Woman : Everything ends…
From the Spaceship , a large black cube is thrown to the city .
The cube turns white , as a bright , white light expands its way through the planet . When the light has the whole planet covered , the whole universe disappears , as the Spaceships move to an unknown location .
Five years ago , Earth was the battlefield of a catastrophic civil war among the super-hero community .Heroes died , some went rouge and the planet was devastated . In the aftermath of the war , Starro The Conqueror arrived to our planet , willing to take control of it . In space , a massive intergalactic war threatened with destroying it all . The different Lantern Corps battled each other , as a dark prophecy was about to become true . Also ,the mysterious Brother Eye satellite and the O.M.A.Cs hunted down every superhuman in the planet .
This is what happened before , as Batman Beyond arrives to the wrong timeline…

Next : conradoaccorsi´s first arc , as Terry finds himself in a strange , old world
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