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Justice League #8

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Gotham City:
A man is running from something, he's carrying a briefcase with the Wayne Tech logo. He's wearing a suit and looks like a business man. Shadows move around him, he's so scared that he screams for help: Someone please help! Help! Help! He-
A thunder lights on the wires, a man wearing a helmet divided by two colors, one black and the other orange. The black one has no eye hole. He shoots the man on the head and jumps down to grab the briefcase. He sees a hobo who watched everything so he shoots him too.
Man: Deathstroke leaves no victims.

Death Strikes Back
Plotted by RedRobin1999 and conradoaccorsi
Written by conradoaccorsi

In Mount Justice, Barry is walking slowly, he's limping, suddenly Green Lantern throws him a soda.
Green Lantern: It's been already 4 days! Won't your leg heal already?
Flash: My healing is not that fast, it will take a couple days until I'm full but I can still kick some butts man.
Green Lantern: Your healing is not as fast as your mouth, that I'm sure.
Flash: Douchebag.
He drinks the soda fast and disappears.
Green Lantern: Barry?
Flash: Over here!
He looks back, and Flash has his ring, his suit has just disappeared.
Green Lantern: That's not funny!
The ring starts shining and repeats the same words "All Green Lanterns must return to Oa immediately"
Green Lantern: Give it to me!
Flash throws it for him and he becomes a Green Lantern again.
Green Lantern: Salaak, what's happening?
Salaak: Jordan! jfgbajnbj Get here now! jdnfjfbgsdbggh are attacking us!
Green Lantern: Salaak? Salaak? Flash, tell the guys I have some trouble.
Flash: Where are you going?
Green Lantern flies away from Mount Justice using the Javelin-7 hangar.
Flash: You could at least answer my questions!
Flash runs to the kitchen, he starts making Nachos. After searching the entire kitchen he couldn't find cheddar, yet last night he had eaten some and there were still lots of it. He runs all over Mount Justice, he enters the Living Room and there is Cyborg playing God of War.
Flash: Have you seen my cheddar?
Cyborg: Nope. Ask Aquaman or Wonder Woman.
Flash: Okay, thanks.
Cyborg: Die Zeus! Die!
Flash hears a big noise, Wonder Woman just punched a wall.
Wonder Woman: Who said that?
Flash points at Cyborg
Flash: Diana have you seen my cheddar?
Wonder Woman: No, ask Clark.
He runs to Clark's room and finds him sitting on his bed.
Flash: Dude, are you okay?
Superman: No, Barry, not at all.
Flash: Why that Supes?
Superman: I'm feeling like an idiot, I was planning to ask Lois in marriage but I... I... I couldn't...
Flash: You chickened
Superman: Yes, kinda like that.
Flash: Go there man, you can do it, you got laser vision and you can fly. I wished I could fly...
Superman: That's the problem, I think she likes Superman not Clark Kent.
Flash: That's a real problem and I'm no good counselor but, just be yourself, it worked with Iris. But hey, I know this is not the moment but have you seen my cheddar?
The wall breaks, Cyborg's head was just put through it by Wonder Woman.
Cyborg: Help, pleaseee!
Superman: Diana! Put him down!

Gotham City:
Batman is investigating the murder of a business man and a hobo near the Docks. The police is checking all the people who liver near there what they heard or saw, people all of them heard a noise and the man was already dead. Batman finds something important, two papers that felt from the briefcase.
Batman: That's a page from Wayne Enterprises' Security Protocols, this man must be a part of the security team. And this other one is Market Stock receipt, he invested on Wayne Tech.
He scans the man's face.
Batman: Norman Bates, head of security of Wayne Enterprises. He was missing and reported the police 3 times that he was being followed, they thought it was a prank. He had 3 calls from his brother Hannibal Bates, who works at Lexcorp, before investing there.
He looks on the ground and finds the bullet capsules, he scans it but he can't even discover what gun it came from.
Batman: This guy isn't a mere killer but a professional.

Mount Justice:
Flash is talking to Aquaman
Flash: Have you seen my cheddar?
Aquaman: I ate it.
Flash: You what?
Aquaman: I ate it.
Flash: How could you?
Aquaman: It's just really good with fish.
Flash: So you ate my cheddar with fish?
Aquaman: Is there a problem with that?
Flash: But you're Aquaman, and you ate fish, isn't it cannibalism?
Aquaman: I'm half-human and Atlanteans aren't "fish", you racist!
Flash: That's not racism... it's... stereotyping!
Aquaman: For mercury's sake! You don't stop talking do you?

Batman is sitting in the computer invading Calculator's Network to find any possible mercenary contract related to Wayne Tech.
Batman: Who could it be? Deadshot is too much arrogant to kill someone without leaving his trademark, Shiva is too busy with the League of Shadows, Cain is missing. There are too many...
Alfred: Sir, have you ever considered if it is related to the Blackgate breakout?
Batman: Yes, Alfred, but what does it have to do with Wayne Tech?
Alfred: You're the detective not me
He takes a list of escaped criminals from Blackgate.
Batman: Riddler, Calendar Man, Killer Moth, Deathstroke...
He then enters Calculator's Network and finds Deathstroke contracts, the latest one was to find and kill Bruce Wayne and the prize was 30 million for whoever did that.

Happy Harbour:
Flash is running on the city around Mount Justice to find a super market. He runs all over the beach and the main street but finds nothing.
Flash: C'mon, I need my cheddar!
He stops in front of a Kwik-E-Mart.
Flash: Yes!
He enters the place and everyone starts looking at him.
Flash: In the name of Justice, I need to know where the cheddar is!
Clerk: Section 4, Corridor 3.
Flash: Thanks my fellow citizen!
Clerk 2: Hey Jay, that's the Flash!
Clerk: It's just a cosplay guy, Bob.
He suddenly stops in front of them with a pile of cheddar.
Flash: How much for these?

Batman is sneaking on the destroyed part of the prison. He starts running a chemical analysis on the place where the fire started.
Batman: Matches 100% with the sample I got from Stryker's Island, I knew it was Luthor but why? Eliminating competition? I guess I'll have to find out.

Mount Justice:
Flash arrives at Mount Justice, with piles of cheddar to finish his Nachos. However, his chips seemed to have disappeared.
Flash: Okay, now! Who ate my chips?
Aquaman: I did.
Flash: Why? Why?
Aquaman: It's really good when you eat it with fish.
Flash: Clark, hold me please.
Flash falls on the ground.
Cyborg: Clark is out. He went out with Diana so she stopped hitting me with the Playstation.
The Batplane arrives at the Hangar, Batman get's out of it with Chips.
Batman: I thought you guys would appreciate some... Why is Barry on the ground?
Flash gets up and his eyes starting to shine as he sees the chips.
Batman: What's happening over here? I need you guys to help me with somethi-
Flash: Silence! This can wait. Give me the chips.

Some minutes later:
Aquaman: So basically, someone hired Deathstroke to kill you at an charity event tomorrow night?
Cyborg: That's creepy man.
Batman: And I need your help on it, since I'm going to be Bruce Wayne, I need you to enter the place and search for him.
Cyborg: But do you have any idea why someone wants to kill you?
Batman: Yes, the man I found dead invested in my company, maybe if I died the stock market's price would raise and someone would make profit of it.
Aquaman: Your world is much more complicated than I thought.

Charity Event:
Bruce Wayne is socializing with the rich and wealthy while Flash is disguised as a waiter and is next to him. Aquaman is inside the kitchen, looking for anyway Deathstroke could have entered in the Staff area, while Cyborg monitors the garage and watches them using the camera network.
Cyborg: Hey guys, are you listening?
Flash: Sure, what's up?
Cyborg: There's a balcony on the third floor that gives view to the place where Bruce is going to speech and that also have a exit door to an helipad.
Aquaman: I can check it out.
Arthur goes up the stairs and enters the balcony.
Aquaman: There's no one in here.
Cyborg: An helicopter just arrived in helipad.
Aquaman: I'm listening to it.
The door opens, a man with white hair and a eye patch comes in carrying a bag, it's Slade Wilson.
Aquaman: Hello, sir.
Slade: You're Faccini?
Aquaman: ...Yeah, sure.
Slade: So I can assume you got the money.
Aquaman: Yes, it's down there.
Slade: Okay, so go get it.
Aquaman: My boss told me to only give it to you when you did what was agreed.
Slade: Then you tell your boss, it's done, Deathstroke never misses.
He opens the bag takes his mask and a gun, he puts the mask on his face and the sniper rifle in the balcony.
Aquaman: Sir, you forgot something.
Slade: What?
Aquaman punches him on the face, he falls down the balcony and crashes in a desk full of food. Flash removes everybody from the place, including Bruce, and returns in full costume.
Flash: Let's get ready to rumble!
Slade pulls off his jacket, showing his body armor. From his utility belt he pulls a hand pistol.
Flash: You think you can beat me with a gun?
Slade: You're limping.
Flash: No, I'm not.
He shoots Flash's leg.
Slade: Now you are.
Flash: How you did that?
Slade: You only move fast, you don't think fast.
He runs on to Deathstorke and starts punching his chest really fast.
Flash: Is that fast enough?!
Deathstroke vomits a bid of blood but shoots him again on the other leg.
Aquaman jumps from the balcony and falls above Deathstroke, breaking one of his ribs. However, when he falls on the ground with Aquaman above him, he pulls his staff and shoots an energy blast at Aquaman, it doesn't knocks him out but gives him time to react and maybe attack him again. Flash grabs him by the back and Aquaman puts his trident on his neck.
Aquaman: Stop, now!
Slade: You don't have the guts to kill me.
He elbows Flash and uses his sword to block Aquaman's trident. He then kicks his Arthur's stomach. From a window, Batman breaks in and shoots two batarangs on him, he just breaks them using his sword.
Slade: If you want to beat me, you better try harder.
Deathstroke pulls his pistols and shoots Batman on the shoulder, he steps back and looks at the bleeding Batman thinks it could be another weakness for him to explore, he needs to strengthen his defense.
Batman pulls his grapnel gun and pulls the pistols from Deathstroke's hands. He disassembles the guns, so he can't use them again. He is carrying another rifle, and he starts shooting Batman, who manages to dodge some bullets until he gets to a pillar next to him, but one of them catches his right leg.
Slade: I've got you twice and you haven't hit me yet. Admit I'm better than you!
He points his gun to the pillar, and shoots it until his ammo magazine is empty. When he looks behind the pillar, there's no one there. He looks back, Flash and Aquaman punch him together and when he's thrown away, Batman punches him twice and kicks him on the belly. He finishes his move with a pressure point attack on the leg, making Deathstroke fall on the ground. So suddenly, he pulls a detonator.
Slade: There are three bombs on this building, you can battle me or save everyone still inside, it's your choice.
Flash: I can handle them all.
Slade: If you turn one off, they all will explode.
Batman: We can turn them off together.
Slade: First you'll have to find them
Aquaman: I'll handle one of them.
Flash: The second one is mine.
Cyborg: I can handle the last one and find all of them too.
Batman: You won't go anywhere then, Deathstroke.
Slade: Great move, Detective. But the game is far from over, it just has begun.
The three heroes, Cyborg, Flash and Aquaman, leave the room to stop the bombs, while Batman and Deathstroke start staring at each other.
Batman: Your move.
Deathstroke starts shooting with his rifle, Batman uses an EMP gun to deactivate it. However, Deathstroke throws an small bomb that destroys his EMP, leaving them unarmed at the moment. He jumps over him and garbs his neck, choking Slade, who struggles to get his knife on the ground. Batman stops his hand by breaking it, but Deathstroke takes the opportunity and kicks his chest. He then kicks his bleeding leg and punches his bleeding shoulder. This is enough to make him vulnerable for some moments where Deathstroke executes a vital move, the leopard blow, on him. He falls on the ground and coughs blood.
Slade: I told you I was better, you can't beat someone who's enhanced in every single way.
Batman gets up and grabs him, throws him away, and some batarangs too, cutting his arms and legs. He then grabs Slade's staff and breaks it in half with his hands. Deathstroke pulls a sword and attacks him, Batman blocks it with his gauntlet's blades and kicks his stomach, making him cough blood too. Slade heads for another attack but Batman prevents it by hitting his leg on a wound he previously made with the batarangs, he also grabs his broken hand and smashes it against the wall with his bare hands.
Slade throws three knives on Batman, all of them hit it's target, giving him the opportunity to kick Batman and to throw a flash grenade. Batman is blinded but he learned how to react in these situations long ago, he uses his hearing. Deathstroke tries to sword him but he blocks it with his gauntlet. He tries repeatedly but Batman always blocks it. When Batman finally gets his vision back, he is hit by him on the face, over and over again, blood flies each punch, until he finally gives some reaction. He breaks his sword using his gauntlet's blades, he then punches him so hard that it breaks his jaw, knocking him out instantly.
Batman: Checkmate.

Later, at Lex Corp Tower:
A quiet night at Metropolis, the clouds and moon protect the city from it's inner darkness. Lex is watching the News.
Lois Lane: This evening at Gotham, Deathstroke attacked Gotham Charity Event after escaping Arkham Asylum, he's been just transferred to Belle Reve. This is not the first incident regarding escaping super villains, this week Metallo attacked Metropolis and the Justice League defeated him, he also is in Belle Reve after being defeated by the Man of-
The TV explodes, Lex just threw the remote control at it.
Batman: Mad at someone Lex?
He jumps from his chair on to the ground.
Lex: Are you trying to give me a heart attack?
Batman: I know you planned to profit from Bruce Wayne's death, that you hired Deathstroke. Make no mistake, I'm always watching you.
A smoke grenade is thrown and Batman disappears.
Batman enters Mount Justice, he notices Wonder Woman alone at the Living Room.
Batman: What you're doing awake at this time, Diana? Everyone is sleeping.
Wonder Woman: I'm not everyone, Bruce.
Batman: Yeah, for sure, you're special in your own way.
Wonder Woman: But I'm different from everyone
Batman: That what makes us good, we are different but being different is what makes us human.
Wonder Woman: For a moment, I thought it was Clark I was talking too, you sounded just like him.
Batman: I and Clark are very different people.
Wonder Woman: No, you aren't. Behind all the dark and sadness, you have the same spirit. Yet, while Clark has found the love of his life, you're always alone. Why that?
Batman: People say I'm lonely, but I'm full of people around me, Alfred, Dick, Gordon, Clark, Barry and you.
Wonder Woman: But you never let them go inside your heart.
Batman: Because I don't have one, not anymore.
Bruce slowly walks away from the room, his shadow is bigger and heavier than ever.
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