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The Scarlet Witch : Missing Pages #1

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Chapter one :
" Family "

Stockholm ,
One month after the Inversion Spell incident :
Lawrence , a wood-cutter , is walking through the forests of Sweden . It´s been a rough year for Lawrence and his family . First , his daughter , Ellie , gave birth . Lawrence and his wife , Annemarie , were angry at the baby´s parents , for not taking the precautions required while in a relationship . Lawrence knew , though , deep down , that he wasn´t angry for the couple´s mistakes . Instead , he couldn´t stop thinking “ How are we going to maintain the baby ? None of the families has enough money and resources to feed another mouth , we barely have food for ourselves . “ This kept the wood-cutter awake at nights , and repressed his hunger . Then , came the winter . A series of devastating precipitations of snow ruined the family´s crops , leaving them with a very severe scarcity of food . The situation reached a level of urgency so great , that the family had to eat their own grazing animals and sheep to make clothing for the strong winter .
Now , with Lawrence and his family were facing a new season , a new year , and a new threat to them .
Lawrence peaceful walk is interrupted by loud noises , of chainsaws and men screaming . Things falling , heavy things . “ Oh no… no , no , no ! “ .
Lawrence runs towards the source of the noises , and finds several trucks and machines . There were men cutting down trees and carrying them to the trucks .
Lawrence : Hey ! What the hell are you doing ?!
Man : Guess ? We`re cutting these bad boys down .
Lawrence : But my people need these trees ! We live in a small town in the outsides of Stockholm , we don´t have many resources at all !
Man : That´s not my problem , man , I´m just complying with orders here .
Lawrence : Please , I beg you ! Stop this now !
Man : Marcus , Felix !
Two tall men in black suits walk towards the man , as they stare at Lawrence with a menacing look .
Marcus : What´s up ?
Man : Get this poor WHAM out of here , there are already too many annoying noises here …
Felix : Whatever you say , boss … come with us , shrimp…
The men grab Lawrence by the arms and start to drag him away from the scene .
Lawrence : NO ! NO , PLEASE , ST..!
Marcus and Felix throw Lawrence to the ground , and start kicking him and punching him . Each punch feels like Ellie´s screams while giving birth , each kick reminds him of the wintertime .
Lawrence can´t focus , he can hear a loud , yet distant eerie sound in his ears , his vision dances and moves like water . Everything slowly becomes red , blood red as the two men walk away . Is this the Red Angel of Death he´s heard so many tales of ?
Lawrence : t-the red angel of death…
But it is not . It is a woman . A very tall woman . The woman lifts her arm , and Marcus and Felix fall down on their knees , shaking .
The woman kneels down , and rubs her hand against Lawrence´s cheeks .
Woman : It´s OK , now , you´ll be alright…
A bright , white light blinds Lawrence for a fraction of a second , and then , he opens his eyes . He feels so much better now .
Lawrence : Am I dead ?
The woman puts her arm around Lawrence and helps him stand-up .
Woman : I´m afraid not , but you´d be if I did not show up .
Lawrence : What is your name ?
Woman : I don´t have one . Not that I know at least , but I used to be known as Wanda .
Lawrence : Well , Wanda , I owe you my life . Is there any way in which I can return the action ?
Woman : Yes . I need shelter , if it is of no problem .
Lawrence : Of course ! Come on , now , we´re not too far away from my home .
Later , Wanda and Lawrence arrive to his home . It is a small cabin made mainly of wood , with windows and a devastated chimney made of old bricks .
Lawrence : Please , feel at home , Wanda , I´ll be back soon to show you your room .
Wanda sits on an old , dirty couch . She takes off her red cloak and crosses her legs . It´s been a long time since she felt so comfortable .
It´s been a long time since she talked to another human . After all , she´s been wandering through Sweden for a month now , trying to find herself . She´s seen the best and worst of mankind , she´s felt accepted and rejected , she´s used her powers for the world´s benefit and she´s used them blinded by her own insanity . Wanda has been many things : Daughter , sister , mother , Avenger… the list goes on , but in all these years , Wanda has lived in a matrix , a false reality . For many years , she and her brother Pietro were the offsprings of Magneto , a powerful mutant part anti-hero , part terrorist . The Maximoff twins managed to escape from their father´s evil grasp ,and eventually became members of the Avengers . But recent events opened Wanda´s eyes , as she discovered that Magneto was not their father , and that all their lives had just been a big lie .
Lawrence : Wanda ? Dinner is ready , please join us .
Wanda : Of course .
“ Warm meals . It´s been a while “ thinks Wanda .
Annemarie : So , dear , I prepared a special plate to celebrate you , it´s a chicken we´ve been saving for Lawrence´s birthday , but he insisted on having it today with you .
Wanda : That´s so kind of you , I am sure I will enjoy the meal .
Lawrence : Where are you from , anyways ? You don´t have a Swedish accent , so I suppose you´re not from around here .
Wanda : I´m from America , yes , but I´ve decided to leave the country .
Annemarie : And why Sweden ? Do you have family here ?
Wanda : No , I´m just spending some time here , then I´ll see where I go .
Lawrence : Which was your job back at the States ?
Wanda : Well… I was an Avenger .
Ellie : No way ! Is this a joke ?!
Wanda : I´m afraid it isn´t , young girl .
Ellie : Are you Ms. Marvel ?!
Wanda : No , I was known as the Scarlet Witch .
Lawrence : Haha , no seriously , where did you work ?
Wanda glances at him .
Lawrence : Ah . So it´s true ?
Wanda : Yes .
Ellie : Why did you leave the Avengers ?
Wanda : It´s… complicated . I´ve been lied my entire life , and my twin brother Quicksilver as well . Our father is not , and I don´t even know if he´s really my brother . I couldn´t stand the pressure anymore , I just wanted to live a normal life . So I escaped .
Ellie : And how do you know we won´t tell anyone about this ? Or what if we´re bad guys ?
Wanda : No one remembers me anymore . I used my reality-altering powers to erase any memories of me from everyone I know . I´m a ghost now . And also… I could smell your souls , and I can sense honesty and love in them .
Suddenly , someone kicks down the house´s door violently . It´s Henry , Ellie´s ex-boyfriend´s father .
Henry : Lawrence ! You coward , face me !
Lawrence : Henry , please , you´re drunk… stop before you hurt yourself .
Henry pulls out a shotgun and points it at Lawrence .
Henry : You´re the only one gettin´ hurt today , you WHAM ! You and the little whore of your daughter left us with nothin´ , Lawrence , NOTHIN´ ! You´ll regret this , and then your family !
Annemarie : Lawrence !
Henry pulls the trigger , but only red dust comes out of the shotgun .
Wanda : Henry . I sense love and unity in your soul as well , you can be saved .
Henry : An´ who the heck are you , witch ?!
Wanda : That is not of your concern , Henry . Just think it twice : You´re going to leave your sons and wife alone if you go to jail , or will alcohol consume you first ?
Henry : I just… I´m just so sad… we´re starving…
Henry kneels down , crying and sobbing . Wanda puts her hand on his shoulder .
Wanda : I promise , everything will be alright… just keep your faith…
Wanda´s eyes turn red , and suddenly , there´s a feeling of joy and peace in both Lawrence´s family and Henry .
Wanda : I must continue my journey now . Farewell , friends , I am deeply grateful of the dinner . And remember , keep your faith , everything will be alright in the end…
However , before leaving , Wanda sees a spark of red light in her mind . She turns around and looks at Ellie´s baby .
Wanda : What´s the baby´s name ?
Ellie : I was thinking maybe Hope .
Wanda : It couldn´t fit her better… take care of her , she´s special…
Wanda puts on her red cloak and walks away , and back into the woods .
In the following weeks , the cutting-down of trees stopped , and Lawrence and Henry began a workshop , where they made objects of wood and metals .
Both family´s economies bettered , and both Ellie and her boyfriend returned to their relationship in order to take good care of Hope . What Ellie didn´t know is that Wanda wasn´t the one who prevented the shotgun´s bullet from being shot , it was her . Ellie and Hope were now one of the few Swedish mutants .
And regarding Wanda , she continued her quest for identity , and headed to Amsterdan , where her brother Pietro needed help as soon as possible .
Next : Unity
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