Sins of the Past #7

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Sins of the Past #7

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Weeks ago:
Heroes battle each other for no apparent reason, Captain Marvel screams the most powerful "SHAZAM!" he ever did in his life over Captain Atom and suddenly Atom starts blowing a red energy , it changes colours, blue and yellow, green and purple, and finally it becomes white.
Captain Atom: Billy, I'm going to explode. You need to get everyone out of here, I'll try to fly far away I can.
Captain Marvel: Cap, oh god, I'm sorry. I need to stay with you, maybe we can fix it.
Captain Atom: Billy, why were we battling?
Captain Marvel: I don't know, please, maybe I can help you.
Captain Atom: You can't, get them out of here now. That's an order.
Captain Marvel: But Sir...
Captain Marvel: I'm sorry, Cap.
Captain Atom: Sacrifices are necessary Billy, this is war.
He flies away to space, very far, Captain Marvel watches as Captain Atom becomes a white star on the sky. And for an instant, this star becomes a big explosion and disappears.
Captain Marvel falls on the sky crying, the others heroes stop and drop their weapons.

Sins of the Past Chapter 7 - Starro Part 3
Plotted by Batwoman and conradoaccorsi
Written by conradoaccorsi

Starro Colony:
The Queen orders her thousands of minions to prepare for launch, charging the missiles with nuclear energy coming from Nathaniel Adam, the Captain Atom.
While that, she gives birth to more thousands of spores which later will become little starros, thousands more to control thousands human beings. The dream of a Starro was a super powered being, imagine a world full of them. This army would conquer the galaxy, and the millions who will die would be worth, at least for the Queen.
Terry no more has control of himself and the suit's battery was about to end, A.L.F.R.E.D was "desperate", if a robot consciense can feel that way. If he used an electroshock it would end the battery completely and Terry would be worthless against that army, at least alone, he would die or be rejoined with a Starro again. With only 2% of battery A.L.F.R.E.D was about to disappear forever, until Terry entered Captain Atom's chamber and he had an idea.
Captain Atom: Help me-
Atom is electrocuted so he can generate more energy, every blast of energy remembers him of the word "Shazam". A.L.F.R.E.D hacks the Atom's chamber and generates an energy hologram on the glass in front of him.
A.L.F.R.E.D: Captain Nathaniel Adam, I need your help.
Cap. Atom: What?
A.L.F.R.E.D: I need you focus and concentrate all the energy you receive on Batman.
Cap. Atom: Why?
A.L.F.R.E.D: He'll die without the suit's battery, he's not the Batman you know, he's a great person but he's nowhere near Bruce Wayne. If you charge the suit, he'll be able to escape with you and save everyone, and finally people will stop underestimating this young hero comparing him to his mentor.
Captain Atom is charged again, he couldn't focus and release the charge.
A.L.F.R.E.D: C'mon Captain! Focus!
He is charged once more but he couldn't release the charge.
A.L.F.R.E.D: Captain, think on the lives of teenagers you can save, think on the boy on your front!
Cap. Atom: Aaaaaaaaaah! SHAZAM!
He's charged and releases the charge on Terry, breaking the glass and charging the suit's battery. The Starro fries and falls from Terry's head, he wakes up and pulls Cap from his chamber. When he steps out of the room, several armed Starro minions point their guns at them while General Sam Lane is placed on the missile control room.
General Sam Lane: I'm the only one who can activate this missiles.
Cap. Atom: Then you shall die to save your country!
Terry: NO! No deaths.
General Lane puts his finger on the control panel. The missiles start their engines and release their launchers' fire. The missile heads away all over the sky.
Next chapter: Skyfall
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