Sins of the Past #8

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Sins of the Past #8

Postby Batwoman » Jan 23rd, 2015, 3:43 am

Tunguska, Siberia:
A snowy forest grows alone in one of the coldest places in the world, Siberia, however this is almost 90 years ago. Most of the cities were just small and separated "villages", and most of this region was unexplored. Suddenly on the sky, an explosion, a giant black hole opens releasing waves of dark matter over the forest, suddenly, an explosion. The forest is destroyed, nothing lies up except for a small tree, which burns up like all life will someday will.

Sins of the Past Chapter 8 - Starro Part 4
Plotted by Batwoman and conradoaccorsi
Written by conradoaccorsi

Eismitte, Greenland:
Missiles spur from the ice and snow residing on mist and mountains of the place. Down there, Terry McGuinnis and Captain Atom watch destruction above them.
Captain Atom: We need to destroy them!
Terry: How? The missiles would create an explosion capable of killing millions, it's your energy, Captain, it's pure nuclear energy.
Captain Atom: Yes, it's my energy...
He flies away up to sky following one of the missiles. While that, Terry grabs General Lane and removes the Starro from him.
Terry: How do I stop the missiles?
Gen. Lane: My hand, it needs my fingerprint.
Batman takes him to the control panel, and puts his hands on the ID scan. However, it's written on the screen "DNA incorrect".
Terry: What's happening?
A.L.F.R.E.D: It's alien tech, Sir. Only an alien can hack it.
Terry grabs a Starro, and conects it to the panel. While that, Captain Atom flies to the missile heading to America. He starts sucking energy from it, his eyes bright blue again. An yellow aura forms around him, this time with black dots coming from it.
Cap. Atom: Oh god, they have been feeding me with condensed Anti Matter! All these days! This explosions will consume the planet.
He sucks all the energy from the missile and his chest start brighting red energy.
Cap. Atom: Not again...
He flies back to Greenland. While that, Queen Starro watches Terry's efforts to stop the missiles.
Terry: Damnit!
Queen Starro: You'll never stop them by here, they can be only stopped manually!
Terry: Thanks for the idea.
He powers up his rocket boots and flies away from the base, following the missile heading to Africa.
Terry: What kind of heavy weaponry we have left?
A.L.F.R.E.D: 42 Batarangs, in which 25 are normal, 9 are explosive, 5 are electrical and 3 are acid. We have also 10 small bombs, 5 C4s and 2 gauntlet missiles.
Terry throws the 4 explosive batarangs at the missile but none is effective. He then tries the small bombs, throws 5 of them. It makes some damage but it rebuilds itself.
Terry: Alfred, we need some permanent damage. Something that destroys it entirely!
A.L.F.R.E.D: Well, you can use the gauntlet missiles.
Terry: But their range and power are the same as the batarangs which haven't been worth nothing.
A.L.F.R.E.D: Your master program me to tell me about this only in an emergency.
Terry: This is an emergency if you haven't noted!
A.L.F.R.E.D: When Master Bruce built this suit, he included a secret weapon here to be used only once. It's a instable compacted atomic missile.
Terry: How do I use it?
A.L.F.R.E.D: Use both your missiles and the atomic one will come right after.
He shoots both of the missiles and it damages the big one, once there is a crack, the atomic one is shooten before it could rebuild. The explosion throws him away and leaves him unconscious. Cap. Atom wakes him up.
Cap. Atom: We got two more missiles coming, one heading to space and the other to Russia. We got to be fast!
He grabs him and flies away to the Russia one.
Terry: Why are you brighting?
Cap. Atom: It's happening again, I'm full of energy. I need to release it.
Terry: What kind of energy?
Cap. Atom: Anti Matter and Dark Matter.
They are next to the missile but they don't know what to do.
Cap. Atom: I can't absorb more energy, I'll explode and take the world with me.
Terry: I'm out of weaponry too. None of them are effective. Wait, you said dark matter? Isn't it what black holes are made of?
Cap. Atom: I'm no scientist or physician, what are black holes?
Terry: Black Holes are portals made of dark matter that can take us to another place or time...
Cap. Atom: If I could release enough dark matter could it open one?
Terry: Yes.
Captain Atom starts releasing the energy from his body, his hand and chest bright red as a black energy come from them. He focus them on the missile and suddenly an explosion, the hole opens and the missile disappears. But Atom falls on the ground, he has no dark matter in his body anymore, there's only anti matter on his body.
Cap. Atom: I'll collapse, this is the end for me, take that last missile and destroy the base.
He lies on the ground, his body starts glowing blue, an yellow aura forms around his body, his boots, hands and chest start brighting an blue energy.
Cap. Atom: Go away! Now!
He pushes Terry away against one of the treees. Atom starts flying, he stands his arms just like Christ Redeemer, and explodes. He is desintegrated, piece by piece, first his metal skin, then his human skin, then his muscles and veins, when finally there is only bones, he shines red, green, yellow, blue and purple all in once but shines white at last and disappears.
Terry: I need to find General Lane.
He enters the base and finds Queen Starro and her minions trying to get her out of her stasis.
Terry: You know that you need energy to keep someone in cryogenic stasis, do you?
Queen Starro: No, no, stop, you can't do this!
Terry pulls up a leveler and it electrocutes the Queen, killing her and releasing people from her control.
Terry: You, get all out of here fast!
People: Thanks Batman!
They leave the place, he finds Lane and gives him a flashdrive.
Terry: This is everything you'll tell everyone, General. Now go away.
He starts flying. Now following the last missile, which is going to space, he grabs it and crawls to the point of the missile.
Terry: Alfred, tell me how to destroy this!
A.L.F.R.E.D: You could revert the missiles trajetory back on the central panel, but it's going to be difficult.
Terry: Guide me.
He places the C4s on the panel's door. He explodes it and places a small flashdrive on it. The panel rebuilds itself.
Terry: Have you got in the missile's system?
A.L.F.R.E.D: Almost.
The missile reachs the stratosphere and is heading to space, it's reaching a Wayne Tech satellite.
Terry: Alfred, I'm running out of oxygen!
A.L.F.R.E.D: You have 5% of oxygen, Sir. I can do it in time.
Terry: Alfred, if I don't survive, contact Batman, the real one, I don't care if it's Bruce, Dick or Damian. Just send them everything they need to stop our future from happening.
A.L.F.R.E.D: I did it sir! Oh god, 1% oxygen.
The missile reverts it's trajetory and heads down to Earth, crossing the atmosphere burning on reentry. He falls on the base and explodes all the remains of Starro's rising empire. Terry lies flying on space, alone and almost dying.
A.L.F.R.E.D: Calculating alternatives, oh god oxygen is almost over.
The WayneTech satellite starts glowing, it's a circle screen with blades, this circle screen brights a red light.
Satellite: Eye see you, you can't stop what Eye am planning. You are beyond my undestanding but Eye have plans for you.
A.L.F.R.E.D: Countering Hack Attack, Using Defences against %unknown#threat%, Security Protocols Activated.
Satellite: Eye can save him but you'll have to let Eye enter you system.
A.L.F.R.E.D: Deactivating Security Protocols.
Satellite: Eye guess once a butler, always a butler. Eye will save him for you, but Eye always have my price.
The satellite grabs Terry and sends him back to Earth inside an escape pod. When the pod falls on Earth, it opens it 's doors and Terry falls on the ground.
A.L.F.R.E.D: Sir? Are you here?
Terry: Alfred, where we are and what happened?
A.L.F.R.E.D: We are in Michigan right now. You destroyed the missile and figured a way to yourself.
Terry: Why the hell we are in Michigan?
A.L.F.R.E.D: You and Eye are going to TerrificTech, sir.
In the remains of Eismitte, several plaques written "Cannon Industries - Ideas for Life", Peter Cannon, also known as Thunderbolt, a blonde man with a red suit, walks around the area, he grabs a small star, suddenly it opens his eye.
Peter Cannon: You and I are going to be big friends.
On the other side of the continent, in Nevada, US. Two soldiers spot a skeleton walking, he disappears right after. Later in the same day, doctors inside Project Manhattan 2 spot muscles, veins and arteries falling and disappearing. In middle of Area 52, a bright light explodes and Captain Atom appears now made of anti-matter and more powerful than ever.
Cap. Atom: Captain Nathaniel Adam, ready for service, General.
General Lane: You're going to be really useful, Captain.
Somewhere close to Michigan, a boom tube explodes, a naked man comes from it. His face melts an he reveals himself as an OMAC, the red dot on the middle of his face glows and the artificial face rebuilts.
OMAC: Eye always get what I want.
The end...for now
Next : " The wildest trip of them all ...( written by Batwoman ) "
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Re: Sins of the Past #8

Postby MaxSchreck » Jan 30th, 2015, 9:53 pm

Interesting. I really like how the story has focused on Terry so far... and I like how you describe the heroes struggling to stop a superweapon. Thats often times the most exciting part of a superhero story.

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