Sins of the Past #9

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Sins of the Past #9

Postby Batwoman » Mar 14th, 2015, 2:52 pm

. After the superhuman conflict , The Order , a secret team of Earth´s brightest and wealthiest people left our planet searching for answers on why is everything slowly breaking-down in the universe. However , The Order also left because of the heavy weight of guilt they were each secretly carrying for being the indirect catalyst of the superhuman conflict.
. Now, several months have passed and the team seems to be about to find all the answers to their big question : Why is the universe dying?
. Dr.Fate
. Ray Palmer
. Mera
. Owlman
. John Stewart
. Maxwell Lord
. Power Woman

“ Home, Damn home…”
Plotted by Batwoman and conradoaccorsi
Written by Batwoman

Checkmate, formerly A.R.G.U.S. , Headquarters :
Director Sasha Bordeaux : It´s been months, Miss Waller…what makes you think that “ The Order “ is still alive?
Amanda Waller : Oh, come on , Sasha, we both know that those bastards are pretty damn hard to kill.
Bordeaux : Then where are they, Amanda?! When you were calling the shots in A.R.G.U.S. you recklessly used Project International to fit into your own personal agenda, and LOOK WHAT YOU´VE DONE TO A.R.G.U.S. , TO INTERNATIONAL , THE WORLD AND… YOURSELF!
Waller : Say whatever the Hell you want, Bordeaux, there´s nothing I haven´t heard already…
Bordeaux : Oh, I bet there is . I´m shutting Project International down. There´s no point in keeping them around anymore, Amanda , they´ve failed , YOU have failed.
Waller : No… no, no , you can´t..!
Bordeaux : Actually, I can . You´re no longer in charge, Miss Waller and this is not A.R.G.U.S. any more…
Bordeaux leaves her office.
Waller : Bitch…
Amanda gets out her phone and dials a number.
Waller : It´s me, everything went according to the plan. Tell them to meet me there, I´m on my way.
The Void is nothing but everything all at once. This is where those who possess the forbidden knowledge use The Void to travel through the universe, and beyond that too. The Void is the sixth dimension, home of time. When people understand that time is not linear, they use the fluid-like dimension to get to some places faster or slower or to manipulate time itself. If knowledge of The Void falls into the wrong hands, then who knows how big the power of time would give to its user.
In The Void, a sphere-like spaceship drifts through the river of infinity.
Ray Palmer : Oh, damn how I love Cheeseburgers…
Dr.Fate : I suggest you do not eat so many unhealthy foods here, Dr.Palmer , The Void may make you throw them up, up and away…
Ray Palmer : Did Fate just crack a joke?! Guys, please tell me you´ve recorded this..! It was not funny, by the way…
John Stewart : Are we still far away from it?
Owlman : There´s no telling, John, we may arrive there right now or in eons.
Power Woman : You boys are so whiney… we´ve only left Earth five hours ago.
Mera : Which are months to Earth´s time, Power Woman. I don´t know about you, but I have a city to rule and protect, especially after what we´ve caused.
Maxwell Lord : We´re here to solve all those problems, Mera , but maybe you could look at the bigger picture here just for once.
Mera : I always do, Lord , that´s why Arthur could never handle all of this madness.
Dr.Fate : Allies. We have arrived. I used some of my most powerful spells to create one portal after another. We are eight hundred and thirty-seven eons away from Earth, and we have reached… the outer core of the centre of the universe…
Earth :
Amanda Waller arrives to the Metropolis Dock area. She enters to a locked storage room. Inside, Steve Trevor awaits her.
Trevor : They´re all here, Amanda ,we´ve been waiting for you.
Waller : Yeah, well ,blame the military and their damn routines. OK, everybody , quiet and listening to me. I know it´s been one helluva year for us in particular, but we need to finish what we started. We need to find and catch the idiots who brought the world down to rubble. I need the Justice League International to apprehend and capture the terrorists known as The Order.
Blue Beetle : You can count on us for it, Director Waller…
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