[MUST READ] Project Central Rules

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[MUST READ] Project Central Rules

Postby Red_Robin » May 2nd, 2013, 6:45 am

The standard forums rules apply, but there are a few special rules that must apply for this to work.

Basically, all projects will be in one of three states and therefore need to use one of three codes in the topic title. Once each stage is complete, then request a lock for the topic and move into the next stage by creating a new topic.

Use this to draw people into your project. Give a quick summary of what you want to do and the people (skills) that you need.

If a topic has a Work In Progress code, we must ask that only people directly involved in the project view the topic. This is a courtesy that we extend so that they can collaborate on the project together without fear of it being spoiled before its ready. If you see anyone who isn't involved lurking on your project, then screen cap it. If it happens more than once, then send me the screen caps and they'll be warned. We want users to feel free to create.

Your project is complete! This code let's everyone know that your project is here to be viewed and is open to comments.

Please ask if you have any questions and I'll update this post or answer directly.

I have a project that will be going up in here at some point, so I hope that members can make use of this section!
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