Arkhamverse Allies #31: Jason Bard

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Arkhamverse Allies #31: Jason Bard

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Real Name - Jason Bard
Occupation - Private Investigator
Based in - Gotham City
Eye Colour - Brown
Hair Colour - Brown
Height - 6 ft
Weight - 175 lbs
First Appearance - Detective Comics #392 (October 1969)
- former police officer turned private detective
- karate black belt
- injured in the line of duty

Arkham City Bio


Additional Information
Jason Bard was a GCPD officer who was shot in the knee by Killer Moth and forced to leave the police force. He started a private detective agency and began to date Barbara Gordon. Their relationship ended after Barbara was paralised by the Joker as Jason felt guilty that he couldn't protect her.
Barbara and Jason would eventually cross paths again a few years later, when, Oracle operative, Black Canary bumped into Jason working undercover on the same case from different angles. During this case Jason would suffer a head injury that caused temporary blindness.
After recovering from his blindness, Batman put Jason Bard on retainer as a means of following leads and investigating lower priority cases during the day.

Possible role in Arkham 3
An information point and dispenser of side-missions, Bard's missions would give some insight into the seedier side of Gotham and connect together to give their own arc.

Essential reading
Batgirl: Year One, Batman Family ongoing, Batman: Face the Face

Chances of appearing in Arkham3
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