Arkham Unhinged 4-6

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Arkham Unhinged 4-6

Postby Red_Robin » Mar 12th, 2013, 6:14 pm

Image Dave Wilkins
Image Derek Fridolfs
Image Brian Ching

With his final two criminal targets finally captured and whisked off to Arkham City, Hugo Strange is now free to set his full attention on the his true obsession--Batman! The game is afoot as the Dark Knight tries to stay one step ahead, all while he and Commissioner Gordon desperately search for some evidence to bring down Strange first. Hugo Strange and his Tyger soldiers use increasingly desperate and dangerous means to try and capture Batman--even at the risk of harming innocent bystanders! As Batman and Commissioner Gordon hash over this latest eruption of violence, it becomes clear that Strange will take down anyone who tries to stand in his way. The only question is--who will be next? No one is safe now that Batman's discovered the connection between Mayor Sharp and Hugo Strange! Commissioner Gordon sees that his "traditional" methods aren't getting him anywhere...and Batman will have to look elsewhere for help. But just as Strange thinks he has the upper hand in capturing Batman, we learn that once again, Batman's ahead of the game--with the help of some old friends.
* Editor's Note: The Arkham Unhinged TPB/HC collects issues 1-5 which I believe are the equivalent of digital issues 1-13 plus the Digital Exclusives.
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