Arkham Unhinged 44-58

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Arkham Unhinged 44-58

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Image Christopher Mitten
Image Karen Traviss
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The world of Arkham Unhinged changes now! Bestselling author Karen Traviss takes the reins to tell stories of life in Gotham between the blockbuster games Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. In this, her first Batman tale, we see the walls of Arkham City begin to rise...along with the ire of Gotham's citizens. In the midst of skyrocketing crime rates due in part to the Arkham City construction, Jim Gordon receives a disturbing letter from someone called The Bookbinder, who blames the poor for the city's lawlessness. Meanwhile, the citizens of Gotham are preoccupied not with the chaos of their city, but instead with a popular TV talent show and its charismatic host. Commissioner Gordon and the Gotham police department are doing their best to follow up on the leads left by the Bookbinder in his disturbing letter. But a misinterpretation of the Bookbinder's intent could prove deadly...unless Batman can stop him in time! No clues emerge in the murder of TV host Jack Tanner as Batman deals with a rising level of street crime. But some thugs inadvertently tip off Batman about just who exactly may be getting shipped off to the under-construction Arkham City and The Dark Knight is not pleased. Tensions rise as protests against Arkham City reach a fever pitch. Councilman Grove introduces a plan for cutting off crime at its roots while Batman comes face to face with corruption within the GCPD. s crime in Gotham rises to a fever pitch, Mayor Sharp enacts a nighttime curfew for the roughest parts of the city. Is there any way the GCPD (or Batman) will be able to do enforce this mandate, and will anything they try quell the unrest?
In the midst of the chaos in Gotham City, Councilman Grove turns his sights on the city's food safety, and the government bureaucrats who are tasked to protect it. When he finds corruption in the system, what will he do to solve it? The Bookbinder has selected his next victim, and like before, he's sending a message to Gotham through his choice. Will Batman put the puzzle together in time to rescue the target? And will Gotham learn Bookbinder's lesson? Arkham City and the Bookbinder both occupy Batman's mind, competing for his attention. Due to Arkham City, the crime situation in Gotham becomes more and more dire, and the local economy begins to tank. But the riddles presented by the murderous Bookbinder prove so intriguing and challenging, Batman can hardly focus on anything else. Where will Bookbinder strike next?
Batman struggles to connect the clues left behind by the Bookbinder. Retracing his steps, he re-examines the evidence, looking for the common thread that will blast the case wide open. Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne and his public misgivings regarding Arkham City are starting to earn him some enemies in City Hall. The legal system, backed by the media and the finances of Bruce Wayne, starts to fight back against the imprisonment of low-level protestors in Arkham City. Their success so angers Mayor Sharp, he's desperate to find a news story to distract the public...perhaps a healthy dose of fear-mongering will do the trick? Elsewhere, Councilman Grove's plan to pay "undesirables" to leave Gotham picks up steam. As Gotham falls apart, where will Batman look next for clues? Batman, desperate for a lead in the Bookbinder case, turns to a very unlikely ally. Enter Catwoman!
Jim Gordon has to pick up the pieces when Sharp introduces tougher ID card checks in a bid to stop petty criminals heading back into Gotham. Catwoman learns about the profitable market for stolen first editions--but has she also learned the Bookbinder's secret? Bruce Wayne goes head-to-head on live TV with Mayor Sharp over Arkham City. Batman sees clues to the Bookbinder's presence everywhere now, but which one will reveal his true identity? The Bookbinder's trail leads Batman to an unlikely neighborhood and into a world that Gotham has forgotten. He's sure he's got his man, but can he find enough evidence to stop the Bookbinder, or uncover his adversary's next plan to raise Gotham's moral and intellectual standards?
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