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Re: Win Arkham Knight Season Pass

Postby BarbieBatGirl » Jul 5th, 2015, 7:36 pm

Hi, my idea for the Batgirl DLC starts with Batman training Batgirl, then Batman recieves intel that commisioner Gordon has been kidnapped, Barabra starts to panick and begs Batman to take her with him, he refuses, saying she isnt ready, when he leaves she calls robin and they both go tothe abandoned carnival where her father is being held, she uses her hacking skills to locate her father, Alfred tells her that Batman has also been captured, so she hurrys over to the haunted house ( where they are being kept ). She and robin then have a boss battle with Joker and Harley Quinn and save Batman and Barabras father. Before the commisioner gets to thank her she, batman and robin dissapear.
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Re: Win Arkham Knight Season Pass

Postby Batzack » Jul 6th, 2015, 10:51 am

The Future Bat pack (six missions): Thirty days after Scarecrows attack, and Batman's "death", Gotham City is beginning to rebuild itself. Gotham itself is relatively quiet, without Batman, the majority of the criminals have lost interest in terrorising the city and have gone into hiding. There are select few criminals still attempting to take over the city; Two Face, Harley and Penguin among other minor criminals. The Batcave hS been made a tourist attraction.

With Bruce gone, Azrael has decided to honour the Batman's legacy by denying his right to becoming Batman, and continuing on as his Azreal persona, but sparing his enemies lives. During the mission, Azrael investigates the Order's current whereabouts, and, once finally finding where they are situated, heads off to take them down. Before he leaves, he hands a shadowed man the Batman cowl.

In mission 2, we see Robin land in front of Bruce's grave, putting flowers down next to it. He then grapples off toward the clock tower. As he is about to head down into the tower, he hears a gun click, and a barrel of a gun hit his head. Tim wakes up in an abandoned warehouse, where he looks up and sees his captor; a nine year old boy with a hood over his face and a sword in his belt. Tim starts to fight back, but two league of assassins members grab him, and Ra's Al Ghul walks out from behind a curtain. Ra's and Tim argue back and forth, debating whether or not Bruce is really dead or not. After finally confirming that he is really gone, despite Tim knowing the truth, the nine year old pulls up his hood, announcing his name; Damian Wayne. He then declares he will be the new a Robin to whatever a batman rises next. Tim agrees, saying he has no wish to continue on as Robin.

In mission 3, Barbara is in the clock tower, talking to her father about him wanting to quit his job as Police Commissioner and his running for mayor of Gotham. Barbara agrees, saying that it is time someone honest led this city. After Jim leaves the tower, a secret panel is opened in the clock tower, with four women walking out of it. Barbara sighs that with Batman gone, it's only a matter of time before Gotham needs desperate help again. It needs a team, so she forms the Birds of Prey; Black Canary, Huntress, Spoiler and Cassandra Cain.

In mission 4, Catwoman helps Nightwing take down some thugs in Bludhaven. After the battle is over, she asked Nightwing if Bruce is truly dead. He nods, saying that he is, but before she takes off, he hands her an invitation. Later that night, Selina arrives at Gotham Airport, where a private plane touches down. Dick Grayson steps out of he shadows, and throws Catwoman a duffel bag full of her items. She is shocked as to why he packed up her things, but then a familiar face steps out of the plane. Bruce Wayne, who now goes under the alias as Thomas Pennyworth, steps out of the plane with Alfred inbound behind him. Bruce reveals to the pair that he has moved to Britain, with a new name of both his fathers. He reveals he wants Selena to move there with him, saying that he loves her. Selina accepts the proposal, and steps into the plane. Bruce offers Dick to come with him, but he says that Bludhaven is still far from safe, and that he needs to be there to protect it. He promises to watch over Tim and Barbara, and keep an eye out for Jason.

In mission 5, Lucius Fox stands up on the top of Wayne Tower. The company has been completely transferred into his care now, and he is using the companies funds to protect Gotham. His son, Luke Fox, steps out of the elevator and walks down the hallway toward his father, asking why he called him up there. Lucius presses a button under his desk, revealing a silver Batsuit with the plans reading; PROJECT: B.A.T.W.I.N.G.

In mission 6, a shadowed man puts on a bat cowl. Lightning strikes, revealing the costume to be completely black costume with red lining around the costume, a red batsignal, red gloves and boots. The top of his cowl is red-stained, and the eyes are illuminated in blue light. Instead of a cape, he puts on a brown leather jacket with red lining in the inside. He scans the city below him, and leaps off the top of the building, taking down some of Penguins men. A crime in progress alarm is triggered, and the new Batman runs toward the scene, where there is a gunman aiming a weapon at a family,demanding the money and jewellery. Batman disarms him, then takes him down. The police show up and take the gunman into custody, and the Batman turns to the couple, who are holding a baby in their hands, and he asks what it's name is. They answer with Terry.

The final cutscene of the DLC shows the new Batman entering a car garage and taking off the cowl. Underneath the cowl is Jason Todd.
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Re: Win Arkham Knight Season Pass

Postby Fl0ydPepp3r » Jul 7th, 2015, 11:09 am

Batman Arkham Knight: Batgirl: A Matter of Family DLC –
(*note I designed this before reading the synopsis for the actual DLC)
[*Players get to control Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) (*gadgets include Batarangs, smoke pellets, grapple-gun and explosive-gel)]
[The story opens with Batgirl perched on a gargoyle watching over Gotham – an incoming call from Alfred notifies her of a possible heist situation at the Gotham National Bank]
Alfred: “Miss Gordon, there has been reports of a possible masked criminal robbing the vault at the Gotham National Bank. As Master Bruce and Robin are currently preoccupied would you like to intervene?”
Batgirl: “Alfred, it would be my pleasure. What’s the situation?”
Alfred: “Excellent Miss Gordon. GCPD are already at the scene and have created a perimeter. There are no hostages as of yet but the security systems and vault have been disabled.”
Batgirl: “I’m on my way.”
Alfred: “Be safe.”
[*Player now takes control – Batgirl: “I need to make my way to the Gotham National Bank and talk to the officer in charge.”].
*Make your way to the Gotham National Bank and talk to Officer McNally.
Batgirl: “Officer what’s the situation here?”
Officer McNally: “Batgirl? Urm, it seems that one of those masked lunatics has got a fascination with gold and is clearing the vault as we speak. Security systems are down and the lights are out.”
Batgirl: “Ok, let me handle this Officer. Keep your coms’ open if I need assistance.”
Officer McNally: “Shouldn’t you wait for Batman?”
Batgirl: “I’ve got this”
*Grapple up to the second floor window and sneak in. [Batgirl: “I should use my night-vision to scan the room for activity.”] Enable Detective Mode and scan the room for life-forms – you see that there are 8 unarmed bystanders/workers and one armed figure in the vault. [Batgirl: “I should try and turn those lights back on.”] Locate the Bank Manager and ask him where the switch panel is.
Bank Manager: “Who’s there?”
Batgirl: “Shhhh. Don’t worry, I’m here to help. Now how do I turn those lights back on?”
Bank Manager: “There’s an override system in my office, the panel on the wall near my desk.”
Batgirl: “Thanks. Keep calm.”
*Locate the Bank Manager’s office and activate the override panel. The lights switch back on. You her an annoyed yell from the vault. [Batgirl: “I should go and see what that was.”] As you exit the office Killer Moth comes flying into the main bank.
Killer Moth: “Who turned on the lights? [Notice Batgirl] Batgirl!”
Batgirl: “Stop Walker! Drop the gold!”
Killer Moth: [Laughs] “Stop me yourself Bat-Child!” [Killer Moth shoots at Batgirl with his laser-gun]
*Batgirl must battle with Killer Moth by throwing Batarangs at his head and grappling his foot to drag him down to ground and beating him. This must be done 3 times. The final grapple to his foot triggers Killer Moth to smash out of the glass ceiling, with Batgirl attached, where you must time a thrown smoke grenade to field his vision and allow you to perform a glide attack on him, bringing him to the ground, where he lands on a police car. The banks personal are rescued and Batgirl observes from the building opposite.
[Batgirl returns to the Batcave. Alfred is at the Batcomputer.]
Alfred: “Ah Miss Gordon. I hear the bank was a success and Killer Moth is now behind bars. Well done.”
Batgirl: “Thanks Alfred. Where are Bruce and Tim?”
Alfred: “I’m not sure? They should have arrived back by now.”
*The Batcomputer announces an alert. Alfred notices that it is a distress signal from the Batmobile.
Alfred: “It seems to be coming from the Batmobile.”
Batgirl: “I’ll go check it out!”
Alfred: “Oh before you go Miss Gordon. Master Bruce wanted to give this to you personally, but I think you may need it.”
*Alfred presses a button and out of the Batcave garage emerges a Batcycle for Batgirl.
Batgirl: “WO! Is that for me?”
Alfred: “Yes Miss Gordon. Master Bruce and Mr. Fox have been working on it for you. It is equipped with a missile and small machine gun rounds. Be careful on the roads Miss Gordon.”
*Approach the Batcycle and exit the Batcave. [Batgirl: “I need to locate the Batmobile’s distress signal.”] Batgirl throws a Batarang in the air and you must detect the Batmobile’s signal, once located drive to the site of a crashed Batmobile. Disembark the Batcycle and approach the crash site. [Batgirl: “Something happened here. I need to survey the scene.”] Enable Detective Mode and scan the crash site for clues. You find a small Jack-in-the-Box bomb, which you trace back to the Joker. You then hack into the Batmobiles computer and find footage of the attack. Rewind/fast-forward the footage to reveal that the Joker’s men kidnapped Batman and Robin, you hear that they have been taken to the old fun-fair/carnival.
Batgirl: “Alfred. I have discovered that Bruce and Tim have been kidnapped by the Joker, who has them hostage at the carnival.”
Alfred: “Very well. Shall I inform the authorities?”
Batgirl: “Not yet. I want to go and investigate.”
Alfred: “Should that be advised Miss Gordon. The Joker is a very dangerous man and you have yet to meet him.”
Batgirl: “I need to save them Alfred. We can’t do anything else.”
Alfred: “Master Bruce will not be pleased. Please be careful Miss Gordon. I am here at your disposal.”
Batgirl: “Thank you Alfred.”
*Get on the Batcycle and make your way to the fun-fair/carnival. Once you arrive at the fun-fair/carnival disembark the Batcycle and enter the fair-ground.
[Batgirl enters the fair-ground and notices some of the Joker’s henchmen loading ACME chemical drums into a van.]
*Take out the henchmen loading the drums and interrogate the final henchman.
Batgirl: “Where’s Batman?”
Joker Henchman: “Who do you think you are? I ain’t tellin’ you squat!”
[Batgirl breaks the henchman’s arm. He squeals.]
Joker Henchman: “Okay! Okay! I’ll tell you! Just don’t hurt me anymore.”
Batgirl: “Talk!”
Joker Henchman: “Joker’s in the Funhouse. He has your friends and Commissioner Gordon in there.”
Batgirl: [*thinks to self – “Dad!”] “Thanks!” [Batgirl knocks out the henchman].
*Make your way to the Funhouse. Take out the two henchmen guarding the door. If you try to enter through the door, Batgirl advises against this [Batgirl: “I should find another way in. Security should be heavy.”] Grapple up into a hole in the roof and make your way through vents into the main lobby area of the Funhouse. In here Batgirl must use the “Silent Predator” method to take out the Joker’s henchmen. Once complete enter into the Funhouse Hall.
[Batgirl kicks a henchman through the doors into the Joker’s hideout. The Joker is sitting in a chair/throne (*similar to that of The Killing Joke), next to him are 3 TV screens with images of your trapped comrades. Harley Quinn (*in an outfit similar to BTAS) is holding their pet hyenas. There are a group of henchmen in the area also. The Joker begins to talk to Batgirl.]
The Joker: “Nice of you to drop by...what’s your name again? Bat-thing, Bat-lady, Batmite? Oh yeah Batgirl! [Murmurs to self] More like a Bat-joke if you ask me” [Joker laughs and jumps off the throne].
Batgirl: “Joker!”
Joker: “Nice to know you know who I am. Well who doesn’t these days?”
Batgirl: “Enough talk! Where are my friends?”
Joker: “Ooo keep your Bat-knickers on girl! The games have only started! [Joker laughs] You see I thought I’d lure you here and see what you’re made of. I do like to test Batman’s new playmates.”
[The Joker moves over to the screens and explains to Batgirl his “game”].
Joker: “This time I took a leaf outta Edward’s book and set a series of trap things for you solve to rescue your dear Bat-folk. Here we have the main man himself, the deluded dark knight, Batman! It’s only a matter of TIME before he gets buried down the beach [The screen shows Batman trapped in a giant sand-timer]. Item number two. Lover boy himself, Robin! [The screen shows Robin hanging above a dunk tank of ACME chemical acid] Three shots are yours to see if you can dunk the bird [Joker laughs], and finally the dear Commissioner, strapped to a chair of electric capabilities” [The screen shows Commissioner Gordon tied to an electric chair being prodded by a henchmen with a cattle-prod.]
[Batgirl rushes forward]
Joker: “Wo, steady on cowgirl! I haven’t explained the rules yet. They’re simple so I won’t be too hard for your simple mid to understand. So all you got to do is to rescue your dear friends in order and then return here for your prize! Simple, eh? [Joker laughs]”
Batgirl: “What’s the catch?”
Joker: “Catch? [Looks shocked] There’s no catch, who do you think I am? The Riddler? [Joker laughs] Now run along Batgirl and do some rescuing! It’s only a matter of family.”
[The Joker laughs again with Harley Quinn. A door opens to the right, with giant arrows pointing the way.]
*Batgirl must enter the first doorway [*she can interact with the Joker and Harley Quinn, and if she tries to enter the other two doors leading to the other trapped victims the Joker will shoot a bullet in her way]. Harley Quinn shouts after Batgirl as you enter the door [Harley Quinn: “Good luck! Ya’ gunna’ need it!” [Joker and her laugh].
*Once you enter the room you discover Batman in a giant sand-timer. You can interact with Batman and the Joker/Harley Quinn can be heard over a PA system. [Batgirl: “I need to find something to break open that sand-timer and free Batman.”] Use “Detective Mode” to search the area – on the ceiling is a broken giant clown doll attached by rusty chains. Using your Batarangs, break the chain and then using the grapple-gun swing the clown into the sand-timer, freeing Batman. Go over and rescue Batman.
[Batman is free and thanks you for your help.]
Batgirl: “Are you ok?”
Batman: “Thank you. I’m fine. Now go and rescue Robin. Leave Joker to me.”
[Batgirl exits the door and is back in the main room, where the next door has lit up]
*Enter through the next door. In this room Robin is tied a-top a dunk tank filled with ACME chemicals/acid. There are a group of henchmen throwing balls at the target trying to “dunk” Robin. They notice you have entered and attack you. Batgirl must fight off the henchmen (*including a big-henchmen and x2 ninja henchmen) and then hack into the dunk tank and rescue Robin.
[Robin is free and thanks you for your help.]
Robin: “Thanks. I told Batman you were going to be a good addition to this team.”
Batgirl: [blushes] “Thanks Tim.”
Robin: “I’ll find Batman; you go and get the Commissioner.”
[Batgirl exits the door and is back in the main room where the final door has lit up.]
*Enter through the final door. You see the Commissioner tied to an electric chair in the middle of the room. Batgirl tries to walk toward him but the floor electrifies. The Joker appears on a screen behind [Joker: “Careful now Batgirl. This one ain’t so easy. Touch that floor again and poor ol’ Jim here is going to get a nasty shock [Joker laughs]”]. The screen turns off. [Batgirl: “I need to free my father without touching the floor.”]. Looking up there are a series of ropes above you, grapple up and work your way to the Commissioner and hang-down to free him.
[Batgirl is undoing Gordons’ blindfold when the Joker appears; with Harley Quinn, and takes the Commissioner from you with a gun to his head.]
Joker: “Not so fast Batgirl! I have one last trick for you. But you’re gunna have to catch me first [Joker laughs].”
[The Joker; with the Commissioner, jumps onto a roller coaster and zooms away. Meanwhile Harley Quinn appears with a giant hammer and challenges Batgirl to a fight.]
Harley Quinn: “If you wanna’ get to Mr. J then you’ll have to go through me first!”
[Harley Quinn, and hyenas, run at Batgirl for an attack].
*Batgirl must fight Harley Quinn and the hyenas, with one wave of henchmen to get past and traverse the roller coaster. Once the wave of henchmen is defeated Robin appears and you can team-up to defeat Harley Quinn. Once she is knocked-out, Robin says he will take care of this and that the authorities have been notified. You can now enter the roller coaster. The Joker has got Commissioner Gordon hostage whilst riding the roller coaster [Laughing manically]. You must enter the cart and attempt to reach the Joker (*who is in the lead cart), you must dodge bullets, exploding pies and some henchmen to reach the Joker. Once you have reached the Joker perform a stun-beatdown on him, which causes the coaster to crash.
[The roller coaster crashes through the main hall of the funhouse. Batgirl gets up from the crash and notices that a wounded Joker has the Commissioner at gun-point to the head.]
Joker: “You think you can stop me Batgirl? My game was obviously too easy for you. [To himself] Note to self, make much harder for Batman’s next protégé [Joker laughs slightly].”
Batgirl: “Let him go!”
Joker: “Did Bats’ not teach you any manners? A please would be nice.”
*You must aim a Batarang on the Joker’s gun to knock it out of his hand. Once free, charge at the Joker and a small tactical button pressing fight takes place. The Joker is knocked down and you can finally free the Commissioner.
[When freeing the Commissioner, the Joker is laughing in the background, lying on the wreckage. He whistles to get Batgirls’ attention. Batgirl turns to see that the Joker has pulled a gun at her and he shoots. Batgirl gasps with shock, but as the gun smoke clears the Joker is holding a trick gun (*with flag saying BANG!) and is laughing. Suddenly Batman appears behind the Joker, as Batgirl and Commissioner Gordon walk away.]
Joker: “Hello Bats. No hard feelings?”
[Cut to the front of the Funhouse and GCPD have arrived, Robin is arresting Harley Quinn and the other henchmen. Batgirl takes the Commissioner to an ambulance, when Batman appears. The Joker is being dragged off by police officers, kicking and screaming.]
Batman: “You did well today, thank you.”
Batgirl: “I am only doing what you taught me.”
Batman: “I appreciate your help and you have truly shown yourself to becoming one of the family [Batman nods and jumps into the Batmobile with Robin].”
[Batgirl gets on her Batcycle.]
Batman: “I see Alfred gave you you’re present.”
[The Batmobile and Batcycle drive off into Gotham – End.]
Side Quests:
• Birds of Prey – there have been a string of jewellery thefts in Gotham – find the culprit and trace them to their hideout (Catwoman)
• Riddler Trophy/Riddles/Race Track
• Batgirl (1960’s Batman TV Series)
• Batgirl (First Appearance)
• Batgirl (New 52)
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Re: Win Arkham Knight Season Pass

Postby Laxlad » Jul 7th, 2015, 7:01 pm

So I've never posted before, but I'll give it a shot. Included is not only my plans for the batgirl dlc but hopefully the future 6 months of dlc assuming they come out every month.

July- Batgirl Dlc

I hope this dlc is a throw back to when Dick Grayson was still robin and Barbara was just starting out as batgirl. I want this to be a sort of situation similar to Batman the animated series "shadow of the bat episodes part 1 and 2". In the sense that Robin is acting like the boss and lets babs know that she is still new, has a lot to learn etc and so on. Hopefully during the dlc she would consistently refer to how Dick is a dork (those fans of the animated series would remember her doing this often to him). I think that Robin will sometimes act as an observer guiding and critiquing her, but stepping in when necessary. I also think that at this point she would not be a full fledge member of the bat family but actually acting on her own to rescue her father (commissioner Gordon), utilizing gadget and tech from the GCPD and using her tech skills to manipulate it to her needs. Almost in a way being paired with Robin for this is her audition into the bat family. As much as I would like to see the love interest between Dick and Babs blossom in this I wouldn't think it would fit with the fact that she is engaged to Tim by the time of arkham knight. For the avoidance of drama in the bat family would hope they just keep their relation friendly.

August- Azrael's Retribution

I would hope they would elaborate on Azrael's confrontation with the Order of St. Dumas and their indoctrination of him. I would think that it would consist of flashbacks of his donning of the suit of sorrows, his training (through the use of combat rooms etc), and his reckoning with those that indoctrinated him. At the conclusion while still fighting crime Azrael comes to terms with the fact that he will not replace batman

September- Robin's Reckoning

In this dlc you would play as Robin with the style and moves of Tim Drake but you would actually be Dick Grayson in his early stages of training. The story would circle around Tony Zucco (the man responsible for his parents death). It would involve crime bosses Falcone and Maroni (through interrogations predator/combat maps he would learn Zucco's whereabouts) and would culminate into moment of confrontation with Zucco and Robin's choice of crossing batman's "line you don't cross".

October- Cat's curiosity

This dlc would address Catwoman's origins. It would involve Falcone and the notion that she is Falcone's illegitimate daughter. It would take some cues from the long halloween. The gameplay would consist of heists, combat maps and predator maps as Selina Kyle digs her claws into Gotham.

November- Battle for the Cowl

This dlc would take place soon after the events of Arkham knight. Now if you haven't finished Arkham Knight and got the full ending your might not want to read any there are spoilers and a lot of speculation.



SPOILER BEGIN......Ok so at the end of Arkham knight you see a shadowy figure that looks a lot like batman using what we can only assume is fear gas confronting two thugs. In this scenario it is Jason Todd taking it upon himself to pose as batman and utilize unconventional methods of handling crime (aka murder). The player will assume control Jason Todd in his new batman style outfit and hand out justice the way Jason is known for. He will then be confronted by Tim Drake, the current Robin and a boss-level fight between them will ensue, leading to Robin's defeat, but not demise.

Robin then seeks out Nightwing trying to convince him that "Bruce would have wanted him to take the cowl. While Nightwing is reluctant he realizes its something he has to do. The following dlc consists of Robin and Nightwing finding the whereabouts of Jason Todd and settling who has the right to cowl once and for all. Eventually ending with Dick Grayson taking up the mantle. This follows the battle for the cowl story from the comics.

December- Beyond!!!!

Hopefully they just do this as a fan service. Flash forward to the Batman Beyond timeline in which Terry McGinnis is the new batman. I highly doubt they would reskin the city to look more futuristic but they probably could do an area such as the wayne powers buildings etc. In this dlc Terry would be confronting Derek Powers who eventually becomes blight. We would see a new police commissioner, Barbara Gordon, now walking because of the wonders of future tech aiding Terry. Because of Bruce's "death" I'm not sure if he would be the mentor or if Dick Grayson would be (those that follow the Batman Beyond comics would know Dick eventually takes over as his mentor). During this Dlc Terry would have side-mission run ins with the Jokerz gang (combat map style fights), the Royal Flush gang (think firefly type of missions but with flying chases), battles with Inque, and the culmination of a battle with Blight.
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Re: Win Arkham Knight Season Pass

Postby Joe Chill » Jul 8th, 2015, 12:38 am

Some great entries so far, only 3 more days left guys - get those posts in!
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Re: Win Arkham Knight Season Pass! (3 Days Left!)

Postby owenemo » Jul 8th, 2015, 12:28 pm

I would like to see ... Batgirl Cassandra Cain skin!! Man I have a sketch of her too ... How do I upload images on this comment?
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Re: Win Arkham Knight Season Pass! (1 Day Left!)

Postby Ishot » Jul 10th, 2015, 12:45 am

What I would like to see in the Barbara Gordon DLC, is her fighting against the Music Meister. I know it sounds odd, but the idea for the Arkham franchise was at some point a rhythm action game. So it would not only be our chance to know how that would be like with an awesome boss fight, but also see Barbara fighting against allies and enemies that are being controled by the Music Meister.

So with the Music Meister controling everybody in a small part of Arkham City, Barbara can not hurt the civilians but still beat some random thugs, and since DLCs from the Arkham franchise are not very long, I would put 2 big boss fights before the main boss. One against Black Canary and the Huntress, where you have to survive until the device that blocks Music Meister's mind control starts working( you can also use dual play with both of them after the fight is over), and another against Killer Croc and Bane. You also have to look for Riddler's music based puzzles that he left around.

The story would be simple and fun so it could mach her current lighter tone in the comics, which could also work well to contrast Batman's more darker part of the story, and represent a different part of the Batman franchise.

With a great soundtrack, a gameplay focus of her hacking skills and maybe some shock gloves(just she had in Injustice), that would be the best DLC I could wish for.
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Re: Win Arkham Knight Season Pass! (Last Day!)

Postby Matthew_J_Parker » Jul 10th, 2015, 12:13 pm

Batman Arkham Knight Story DLC: A Matter of Family. Proposal

Matthew Parker

I know that most of the details of this story DLC have leaked anyway and my idea for the Batgirl Story DLC isn’t really that radically different from what other members of the forum have had before as it basically takes many influences from ‘The Killing Joke’. To start it will be about an hour/ hour and thirty minutes in length, similar to previous Arkham story DLC’s ‘Harley Quinn’s Revenge’ and ‘Cold, Cold Heart’.

After an ambush, a handful of GCPD’s finest have gone missing, including commissioner James Gordon. The GCPD is left in shambles dealing with crime in Gotham City with their leader missing and the mysterious Batman is not around, leaving other members of the Bat family in charge, to them they know that Bruce Wayne is currently taking care of business in Metropolis, leaving Batgirl and Robin in charge. The disappearance of her father strikes an emotion chord with Barbara, but she investigates leads other detectives missed and soon finds herself investigating a seemingly abandoned amusement park on the outskirts of Gotham. Robin is still in Gotham, taking care of as much as he can on his own. At the crime scene there was no obvious trademark of one of the rogues gallery and it doesn’t take the world’s greatest detective to figure out that a ‘super-criminal’ may be hiding in an abandoned amusement park but nowadays it could be anybody like Mad Hatter or Rag Doll and not just the Joker, but she won’t knows until she investigates further.

One of the best aspects I feel about the Arkham franchise is that it engages a wide range of people and not all of those are even familiar with the comics and for them this is there first exposure to many of the great Batman stories that the game references, and it may encourage those people to get their hands on the source material and read it for themselves.

I’m mentioning this because as I said before the DLC takes elements from ‘The Killing Joke’ but my personal twist is that this is a prequel to that story and the DLC ends where that story begins, more or less.

For the Joker himself, behind the scenes, this is the night he had planned for years, this was the night he wanted to prove to his rival his theory that all it takes is “one bad day” to turn a man into a monster, the park was the chess board and the kidnapped officers were the pawns to simply prove a point. Of course the Joker is unaware that Batman is away and is very disappointment when he realises that Batgirl has turned up instead.

The story begins with Batgirl gliding over the crashing waves, and using the high winds to maneuver and avoid being swept up by the sea, in the distance she can see the dark silhouette of the amusement park, there is no sign of life. We hear her inner monologue “The trail leads here…” and as she lands the whole park comes to life, lights come on, the rides start moving and the garish carnival music starts as the horrible soundtrack for tonight and a huge monitor overhead shows the Joker making his presence known.

“Finally you’ve arrived, for a second there I thought you’d never c - - wait, you’re not him, sure you’ve got the pointy ears but with those curves you can’t fool me, heh…you really are ruining my big night, but I’ll get the main man’s full attention next time. I’m not one to miss what is a rare opportunity to off on the Bat’s groupies. Let’s have a little fun. Instead of what I had planned why don’t we play a game of save the helpless police officers, it’s a little twee, like Eddie, but this is awfully short notice.”

Like in previous games when you’re gliding around you hear the main villain giving speeches over the load speakers, this is no exception, here are just a few lines I had off the top of my head and just imagine Mark Hammils voice speaking them…

“Batman and Batgirl I get, why Robin? It’s just occurred to me in nature that I have never seen a bat and a robin working together…”

“…Then again, who am I to talk, when in human history are bats and clowns natural enemies, even I scratch my head at that one, but it just feels so right, don’t you think?”

“What’s next Bat-person, that would be very PC…Wait I’ve just got it…Bat-dog! A Bat-man’s best friend, could you imagine the poor animal walking around with that ridiculous mask on, even I think that’s a little too much.”

“I could go on all day questioning why you’re boss has the compulsion to put ‘Bat’ in front of everything, but that’s really subject for a another day.”

“How about a joke…ahem…there were these two guys in a lunatic asylum—no, no, I feel it would be wasted on you cretins, it needs someone who has a similar sense of humour.”

“Some may say this amusement park is a little too much, I say it’s a little too less. You wouldn’t believe the bargain I got from the dealer I wasn’t the only one grinning from ear to ear…”

“One of these days I’m going to do some surveying and find out exactly how many abandoned amusement parks, chemical plants, television studios, aquariums, botanical gardens, toy factories exist in this town, it’s rather convenient don’t you think? “

The backdrop to the story is a completely new and original location, but it’s the only place you can explore; it’s a small man-made island that exists a mile or two off shore like an oil rig but it’s an amusement park, like Coney Island (except it’s really an island) This is the Arkhamverse version of the amusement part from ‘The Killing Joke’ that has everything you can imagine a fairground would have; a ferris wheel, rollercoasters, a helter-skelter, a freak show, a ghost train, house of fun complete with a hall of mirrors etc. and the whole place has a wonderful vivid colour scheme, like John Higgins’ original colours. Also because of the stormy seas and high winds Batgirl can’t go back, in true Arkham fashion, if you glide off the island you’ll do a complete 180 degree turn, complete with a statement like “I can’t leave now, Joker will kill those police officers”

One of the worst possible outcomes has come true, but Barbara has since learnt to not let her negative thoughts distract her and understands her priorities are;

1) Establish contact with Alfred at the Batcave, let him and the others know of her situation and to scramble police to come and help.
2) Locate and free all of the hostages.
3) Locate and apprehend the Joker.

Batgirl discovers that her communication system isn’t working, it could be bad interference for being so far away, she decides the best thing to do is to reach the highest point of the amusement park, the ferris wheel, so that she can try and contact Alfred from there and get a better survey of the area. Unfortunately when she gets to the highest point she has no luck. Joker must be using signal jammers (A quick note for consistency this only effects in and out going communication, not hacking); she can’t get a signal that must mean her own tracking device in her belt won’t work either. She produces a personal miniature satellite dish from her belt that will help boost her communication signal once she has neutralised all the jammers. So now that’s…

1) Disable all the signal jammers then establish contact with Alfred at the Batcave, let him and the others know of her situation and to scramble police to come and help.

It might be possible that Joker made the effort to set up the jammers, the hostages may be nearby them, it’s such a small island it’s worth a try, and so Batgirl calibrate her cowl to locate where the disruption is strongest, like in Arkham City.

Over the course of the games you’ll find many easter eggs and other references in the true Arkham style, many from ‘The Killing Joke’ naturally and others too, here are a few but it would be almost impossible to list them all; like the deceased amusement park salesman with a rictus grin sat on the pink rocking elephant, the Joker’s colourful baby throne that’s still under construction, the cage that Batman later finds Jim Gordon stripped naked and thrown into, a Coney island style poster that was used as one of the inspirations for the creation of the Joker, an old poster for the freak show showcasing the hideous crocodile boy. There are so many, I bet the people on the forums can think up more brilliant references.

Another Idea I had for the game that is slightly separate from the main story is a look into the Joker’s origins. I know over the course of the games it’s been mentioned and we’ve seen inside the Joker’s mind as he tells us about human nature and the concept of fate, but it’s a subject that could be elaborated on a little more, I’m sure some may disagree with me and we all know the whole ‘there’s no set origin story/ multiple choice’ rule about the Joker, but like a comic book, every game may be someone’s first and since we may not get a proper retelling of ‘The Killing Joke’ this may be our only chance to do the type of storytelling the graphic novel did so well. My idea is slightly inspired by the ‘Assassin’s Creed’ series in that throughout the game you’ll find certain ‘Joker totems’, object that are relevant to him and a possible origin; for example you may find a ‘See The Fat Lady’ poster, or a bowl of uneaten shrimp on a bench, or a bleached red hood and matching cape. The player will be prompted to scan them and then we cut to a flashback of Joker’s origin from the story, from a first person perspective, everything from a bad stand-up routine, to crying to his wife, losing her and taking that fateful dip at Ace Chemicals when confronted by the mysterious ‘Bat-man’. These sort of fill the role of Riddler’s riddles and the interview tapes we’re so used to having in the games, of course Batgirl can’t see these, they’re for the players benefit only and when we watch them they have a distorted ‘VCR’ quality to them, there could be inconsistencies with the narrative that makes the audience question the validity of the story unfolding. We would probably have other collectables to destroy like Joker balloons or Joker teeth that don’t really add to the game but helps the completionists get that extra trophy/achievement.

The game is broken down into traditional combat and stealth sections, the over world map may have a couple of enemies scattered that required a few punches to take down but certain key locations that Batgirl peruses on the map like the rollercoaster entrance or the freak show will lead to a police officer who will be in danger like tied onto the rollercoaster track and you have three minutes to save him or locked inside a cage and once the room is secure and them you disable the nearby jammer that’s sometimes hidden behind a wall, in a huge present, and this process is repeated about five times for example (If there are five missing officers not including Commissioner Gordon) when you free a hostage is when you get a short piece of dialogue between the officer and Batgirl.

Enemy types will be the usual Joker thugs, heavy hitters, armoured thugs with their own guns, knives, bats, shields etc. It would be quite humourous if some of the enemies included were some of the people from the freak show, including those weird dwarf cherubs we see in the graphic novel too and they wield electric cattle prods.

Batgirl is just as good as any other playable characters in the games, she can punch, kick, stun and vault, moving from enemy to enemy with such a energy and delicate grace that you would expects a gymnast to have, she can move faster in fights and when running, something that you can visible see in the animations. She can takedown and maneuver around environments just as well as anyone else whereas Batman and Robin use more strength in the movement and actions she moves like you expect a ninja would but when it comes to that knockout smash she can certainly dish it out, as well as take it with a hefty life bar because Barbara Gordon is no pushover. I always imagined Batgirls arsenal to be quite simple as she is a confident character, she’ll get mandatory gadgets like batarangs and a grapple gun (which has the same actions as Batman and Nightwing, instead of Robin) I think what would be cool would be to have a flash bang instead of smoke pellets, just a simple model swap, when Batgirl utilizes it when she’s in the line of fire, the animations will have her turn her head and close her eyes while thugs can’t see it gives her enough time to get away.
There will also be explosive gel and I would like more emphasis to be on using a hacking device that functions like the one in Arkham Knight, as the audience sees her a someone who is very tech savvy. It unlocks doors, can remotely create diversion to distract enemies such as a spinning tea cups or animatronics and when she finds the individual signal jammers a different puzzle could be used to disable the machine, like a simple “plumber’ style minigame.

In the process of saving the individual hostages and disabling all the signal jammers in the amusement park you’ll learn through dialogue with the rescued police officers that there is one remaining officer, they saw him being dragged off to the ghost train, but they don’t know where the commissioner is being held. Now Batgirl can contact Alfred.

“Alfred, I’ve located the missing police officers, they’re being held hostage in the amusement park island, Joker’s the one behind this”

“Oh, my, he’s far too dangerous, I’ll contact Master Bruce and - - “

“No. By the time he returns it may be too late, he still has commissioner Gordon. I need you to let Robin know where I am so he can contact the GCPD to come and collect the missing officers and criminals, by the time they arrive Joker will be dealt with”

“As you wish…please be careful.”

Batgirl investigating the entrance of the ghost train but it’s locked from the inside, so Batgirls finding an alternative route through the roof.

This piece of writing in the next paragraph is taken from the Arkham Knight Database when you unlock it after solving a riddle. So I decided to weave it to my narrative and it essentially help shape my own interpretation on the story DLC. I imagine it playing purely as a cutscene, similar to the Joker reveal at the Gotham Merchants Bank in Arkham Origins, in that Batgirl drops down, perhaps from a ventilation shaft or an exploding ceiling.

The Trap.

Three thugs. One hostage. Easy.

First, the guy with the gun.

Barbara dropped behind the nearest of Joker’s goons, crouched and launched herself back up. One escrima stick in the back of the knee to drop him. The other met the back of his skull on the way down. (I personally would drop the line with the escrima stick because it alludes to a Robin, which would most likely Dick Grayson or Jason Todd, but my story is a Batgirl solo story as we get to see her in her prime.)

Next, the guy with the knife.

He’d had a knife, anyway. He had a broken wrist now. A wrist she caught between both her sticks and snapped when he lunged at her. She let the arm drop and swung her weapons back an over her shoulders, onto his head. The sad clown make-up looked perfect as he fell to the floor.

And now the mop up.

She dropped and swung a sweeping kick to meet the last thug as he charged her, sending him barreling into a wall.


The hostage was crying, curled fetal with his back to her from the corner of the room. Odd, for a police officer in Gotham. They’ve usually seen worse.

“It’s OK”, Barbara took a step towards him. “It’s me. Batgirl.”

The sobbing got worse. Louder. Hysterical. And then Barbara froze. He wasn’t crying at all.

“What’s wrong?” the officer crooned. “Aren’t you going to rescue me?”

“Not exactly.” Barbara’s eyes scanned for exits. Her feet took a fighting stance.

“Well then”, said Joker, twisting round to face her until he was lounging, in a bloodstained police officer’s uniform, on his side. “Why don’t you rescue Commissioner Gordon instead…?”

Batgirl is a little shaken, but it’s clear that Joker has killed one the hostages to simply play a trick, she can see a bloodied hand sticking out of one of the ghost train carriages behind him. The Joker produces a pistol from his jacket and begins to shoot, narrowly missing Batgirl, she can hear more machine gun toting thugs coming through the main entrance, she knows that Joker is too dangerous to take on, he has the home advantage, she needs to run and gather her thoughts. She throws a batarang at the ghost train control panel, bring the whole ride to life, she lunges into one of the moving carriages as the it moves off, the sound of bullets embedding themselves into the side of it and laughter echoing as it enters the dark tunnel. She leaves the cart and locates the maintenance exit, bringing her back outside; the ferris wheel is in the players field of vision. The sound of the carnival music and Joker on the speakers can he heard.

“Anyone out there who hasn’t hand their limbs broken, teeth knocked out and…basically if you’re conscious right now, get your ass to the ferris wheel and do the job I pay you to do, don’t let Batgirl reach the commissioner. You know, I’m not sure I even pay you at all…heh”

When you reach the ferris wheel, it’s clear it’s under heavy maintenance and repair, there’s scaffolding everywhere, it’s like a mini construction site swarming with thugs, for a second the first person camera locates commissioner Gordon, he’s chained up, right in the middle of the wheel, unconscious. What proceeds next is a large stealth section that really tests the player, using all the tricks they know. After the room is clear Barbara can save her Dad. Once the final thug has been taken down the camera pans to the Joker, inside the ferris wheel carriage that’s at the very top.

“Well done, you deserve a prize! But not the commissioner, you’ve got to win more tickets to get him! Hahaha!” and he pushes a trigger that he’s holding in his hand. We can see dynamite that’s taped to the foundations of the entire scaffolding, with a huge ‘BOOM!’ everything collapses in a huge billow of smoke and dust.

A bit later we see Joker idly walking through the debris looking for a pointy ear corpse, a knife in hand ready to finish the job if necessary. He finds nothing and suddenly out of nowhere a yellow boot kicks him in the back, making Joker turn around, there’s Batgirl, he mask and outfit damaged, and her flesh that’s shown is bloodied and bruised, like at the end of every Arkham story, she’s hurt, but not beaten. (I thought it would be funny not to adequately explain how she survived the explosion, like in Endgame) Joker is not happy at all.

“NO, NO, NO! You’re spoiling my big night, you’ve ruined everything, I needed Batman, you would never understand what tonight was supposed to be! And for that I’ll deliver you’re bat-corpse to him personally, heh!

“Shut up and fight.”

What happens next is a hand-to-hand boss fight with the Joker, the fallen debris has made a make-shift arena that you can’t leave. I imaged the fight being similar to the Deathstroke fight from Batman: Arkham Origins, Joker has a counter for almost everything, he can dodge batarangs, and has many defensive moves that the player must dodge like squiring acid from his flower, throwing razor sharp playing cards and firing from his six-chamber revolver, when he’s left reloading is when the player can stun he with Batgirl’s cape and the beatdown animation begins, where you kick Joker to he ground and Batgirl kneels on top of him and gives him a barrage of punches, then Joker will kick you off and the process is repeated until his life bar is empty.

Then a cutscene where Batgirl delivers a finishing punch that sends Joker crashing to the ground on his stomach, as Batgirl approaches to apprehend him he spins around with the revolver in his hand.

“I still have one bullet left”

And with that a bang flag comes out of it. Barbara is relived, but the Joker gives on of his trademark insane fits of laughter. Suddenly a bright light and the sound of helicopters overhead as GCDP SWAT officer comes repelling down machine guns in hand. “This is the Gotham City Police Department, you are under arrest, but you hands behind you’re head and…” the announcement goes on as the thugs are being handcuffed and the rescued officers are taken to safety and commissioner Gordon is cut down and evacuated too. Robin also came along with the police in one of the helicopters.

Batgirl and Robin are personally escorting the Joker, who is restrained, towards the GCPD prisoner transfer boat that’s at the pier entrance to the amusement park. (In my mind as I write this it’s Jason Todd, because of the connection they have in Arkham Knight, they’re working together here, and later he’s kidnapping her)

“Well done, he would be proud you know, though he may never say it out loud.”


As Joker is being loaded onto the boat he say’s,

“You know, I came about this from the wrong angle, I need a more emotional incentive to get the Bat to come out and play.” And with that he gives out one final evil laugh as to boat makes its way back to Gotham, with Batgirl and Robin and heavily armed units of SWAT, the camera pans up and we see the familiar backdrop of the city.

The screen goes to black and in white letter reads ‘Arkham Asylum – 24 Hours later”

Similar to the Mad Hatter introduction from Arkham City we are in the Joker’s POV as we see a pair of bleached white hands playing a game of solitaire on a table, the player has the ability to just move the camera in this scene as it plays out. There’s mumbling coming from outside and the sound of familiar footsteps and they he is, Batman, the light from outside bathes him and makes the rest of him look like a walking shadow.

“I heard about your latest stunt, Joker” He takes a seat opposite the player “I’ve been thinking lately about you and me. About what happens to us, in the end. We’re going to kill each other, aren’t we?”

The hands before you is still playing the card game, not saying anything.

“Perhaps you’ll kill me. Perhaps I’ll kill you. Perhaps sooner. Perhaps Later. I just wanted to know I’d made a genuine attempt to talk things over and avert that outcome. Just Once.”

We can see Batman becoming increasing frustrated at the lack of response. He quickly reaches out and grabs the player on one of your hands, but it’s quickly pulled away. Able to move the camera you can see the smeared clown complexion and the pink flesh underneath.

“Are you listening to me? It’s life and death that I’m discussing here. Maybe my death, maybe yours. I don’t fully understand why ours should be a fatal relationship, but I don’t want your murder on my…”

Batman looks at his palms “…hands…”

Batman moves as quick as a demon, and before you know it you’re quickly grabbed and held way above his head and treated to an interrogation, still from the same POV. You begin to speak, but it’s obviously not the Joker’s voice.

“Hey! Wait a minute! Don’t touch me! I got rights! You’re not allowed to…”


The screen goes to black again.

Now we are still in a first person perspective but now in a new location, a really nice apartment building, you are limited in where you can go, but you can move freely down this corridor, with numerous doors along it, walking by the doors gives you a prompt to knock on it, a fist will rise, but decline as you’ve chosen the wrong door, if this happens the camera will look down at your other arm which in holding a package with a tag “Barbara Gordon, apartment 89, love, J x x x”. Since there aren’t that many doors and you’ll eventually knock on the right one. You can hear a muffled voice and footsteps making their way to the door. “Colleen, is that you again?” You see Barbara answer the door, her faces realises who you are and in a panic runs way into the apartment.

“Candy-gram”, Joker says as he produces a pistol and in a similar sequence to the introduction to Arkham Knight, we are given control of the pistol in Joker’s hand, everything goes in slow motion, given the player more time to line the shot, and after successfully completing this segment we see Barbara Gordon crash into her glass coffee table, landing on her back. The player still has the ability to move, so the player walks towards her.

“Oh, don’t pass out just yet!” A camera is placed in front of the player and we can see through the lense, control has been taken from the player, as this is the end of the story. The camera pulls right in on her face, in pain and anguish.

“Come on, show a little spine!”

And the screen goes to black and we are given the credits.

Thank you very much for reading my proposal for the upcoming Arkham Knight DLC, “A Matter of family”, it’s funny that since I started writing this, more details of the story were coming out and the idea of the story taking place on a man-made island was a complete coincidence as I wanted go give the feeling of complete isolation, it was heavily inspired by ‘Batman & Mr. Freeze: Subzero’. My ideas are not that exciting but I wanted it to be in the limits of the game itself, so I didn’t make it too bombastic and include load of villains, but instead as a prequel to a great story and an introduction to players who haven’t had the pleasure of reading it yet. Again thanks for reading and I can’t wait to play it.
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Re: Who Wins the AK Season Pass? (Vote Now!)

Postby Joe Chill » Jul 12th, 2015, 1:30 am

So many good entries guys, truly great write-ups. I couldn't narrow it down to just five, so I had to add two more!

Now, it's time for the Arkhamverse community to pick their favorite entry!
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Re: Who Wins the AK Season Pass? (Vote Now!)

Postby Harvey Bullock » Jul 12th, 2015, 1:38 am

Gave my vote to Master Bruce! :alfred: Absolutely loved the story you put together.
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Re: Who Wins the AK Season Pass? (Vote Now!)

Postby kain9998 » Jul 12th, 2015, 1:53 am

Harvey Bullock wrote:Gave my vote to Master Bruce! :alfred: Absolutely loved the story you put together.


But there were some really great entries guys! Impressive work.
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Re: Who Wins the AK Season Pass? (Vote Now!)

Postby Master Bruce » Jul 15th, 2015, 12:30 am

I know the poll's not technically over, but congrats to Ebbtide! :adam:

Well deserved win, in my opinion.

Also, a brief thanks to everyone who voted for my entry. Honestly didn't expect that many people to like it. As I said before, it was fun to write!
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Re: Who Wins the AK Season Pass? (Vote Now!)

Postby Ebbtide » Jul 15th, 2015, 4:25 am

Master Bruce wrote:I know the poll's not technically over, but congrats to Ebbtide! :adam:

Well deserved win, in my opinion.

Also, a brief thanks to everyone who voted for my entry. Honestly didn't expect that many people to like it. As I said before, it was fun to write!

Thank you and I completely agree. I have a feeling I might enjoy the stories told here more than the Matter of Family story, just because of the serious effort and heart people put into them. I really liked what I read in this thread and I hope the other two DLC's have similar contests so that more fan shorts can be made.
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Re: Who Wins the AK Season Pass? (Vote Now!)

Postby Matthew_J_Parker » Jul 15th, 2015, 10:07 am

Congratulations Ebbtide! For a while there it seemed like anybody could have won but your victory is well deserved. Plus a further well done to everyone else who entered, there was real effort put into these entries, well worth reading and it comes from our enthusiasm for a comic book universe and franchise we love. I got real pleasure in writing for this competition, we should do this again sometime and write more, imagine some of the great Batman fiction we could write.
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Re: Who Wins the AK Season Pass? (Vote Now!)

Postby Master Bruce » Jul 18th, 2015, 1:15 am

Have the prizes been sent out? This is my first contest, so I don't really know how it works with those.

Also, the runners-up are getting Red Hood DLC codes, right? I remember seeing that, but maybe I'm mistaking it with the last competition. :oldyella:
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