Joker movie

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Joker movie

Postby johnsyggel » Oct 9th, 2019, 1:37 pm

Have you seen the Joker movie,guys? I did and i really liked it.I rate it 8,5/10.Phoenix is phenomenal,in probably the performance of his career. The film itself was sad,depressing and a real character study,as it was meant to be. If it was not called Joker and didn't feature our beloved clown,it'd be a masterpiece.The fall of a mentally unstable man and his and subsequent rise against the rich people and the whole system.
To be honest,though,i don't understand the whole hype this film has risen. Not every dc or marvel films is a masterpiece and not every joker actor needs to win an oscar(Phoenix deserves it though,and he'll win).
Below are some of the bad comments for the movie,written by IMDB users. Enjoy:

-I don't see how that highly intelligent Joker on Dark Night started from this insane person.
-I see no resemblanse to the DC character called Joker.
-This has nothing to do with the joker.
-By the end of the movie, you'll wish you had gone to see It Pt 2 instead, because least that clown was interesting.
-I would rather watch Suicide Squad than this.
-Todd Philips should stick to Hangover movies.
-Todd Philips should maybe read some comics.
-Bleak & depressing.
-so long and boring that you can seriously notice your fingernails grow.
-The movie is long and drown out boring.
-2.30 min is way too much. :lol: :lol: :heath:
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